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Parent of a 6 year old Written byNatalie801 June 22, 2014

Teaches children to be dishonest.

This show sends the wrong message, especially to young children. Disney has to accept the fact, that their main demographic is young children. They need to be more responsible with the messages that are sent out. As another parent wrote in an earlier review, the title of the show is "I Didn't Do It." That tells me to expect every single episode to show the children doing something that is against the rules, they get caught at some point, then they all lie about what happened, to avoid the consequences of their actions." Since shows like "Good Luck Charlie" have been canceled, and put into syndication,and shows like "I Didn't Do It" taking their place, I will be cancelling my subscription to all of the Disney channels. I'm very disappointed.
Adult Written byFangirl1996 May 22, 2014

Inappropriate for good messages.

I'm 17 and I wouldn't recommend this show to kids. I watched it for the first time yesterday and it wasn't a first good impression. The episode was "snow problem". The show didn't have a good message and the line " (name) didnt have make-up and she didnt have any teeth and she banged 7 husbands" was not appropriate for kids or Disney Channel. Even if kids don't hear that line, it's still not appropriate.
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Too much sex
Adult Written byTinyToya May 22, 2014

Another Disney show that lacks in charm and entertainment value.

The show's main flaw is that it just doesn't have a good premise. What makes the show unique and attention-grabbing? Yes, it is a show about twins but there was the highly successful The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and now there's even Liv and Maddie. Moreover, those shows have very strong actors who have noteworthy charisma. There is nothing truly redeeming about I Didn't Do It. Olivia Holt (Lindy) tries her best to be an engaging actress but the show does not give her much of a platform. Also, who did the casting for this program? Who on earth believes that Austin North (Logan) is 14 years old? That man could pass for 25! And so could his friend, Garrett. Lastly, the show tries to infuse humor into the antics of entering high school but all we see is a discombobulated story about a set of twins and their oddball friends.
Parent Written byMomfirst February 21, 2015

Completely inappropriate

I just watched almost a full episode of this show with my teens. The main girl character and her two friends toilet papered one of their teacher's houses. The police came, and the main character sweet-talked her way out of trouble as long as they "promised to never do it again." The teacher ultimately saw them on his security cameras and they got two weeks detention. Big deal. They didn't have to clean it up, their parent's weren't informed. Zero accountability. I am disgusted that Disney would put such a show on the air. In my opinion, the only message being given to kids is that they can get away with anything, and that it's okay to damage someone else's property if it's someone you don't like who, for example, gives you homework every weekend. Insane. Shame on you, Disney.
Parent Written byRollermamma April 5, 2014

I Didn't Do It Review

This show makes no sense.
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Too much consumerism
Parent Written bybutterfly50 September 6, 2014

Not appropriate

This is one of the worse shows ever, teach kids to be dumb, stupid, clueless of everyday life issues, dumb characters, don't allow my son to watch it. Worse role models ever.
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Adult Written byidac July 3, 2015

Super Boring

So boring it puts me to sleep everytime.
Adult Written byTheRealMichaelPe June 7, 2015

A show for all

The show in my opinion is more for younger teens but the great messages it contains can relate to younger kids, especially dealing with sibling rivalry and support from friends.
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Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written byI Didn't Do It Deets January 11, 2015

Love it

Love all the episode. All star doing good job. Every episode show a message to viewer as well as so much fun too.
What other families should know
Great messages
Adult Written byBriemarie July 15, 2014

Good but not for younger children

It's a cute show but the humor is definitely not for younger children. The situations are funny but the characters never receive serious consequences for their actions. I personally do not have a problem with this as I do not have young kids but I believe that younger kids (under 11) may not understand the humor in this show and it may be a little questionable for them to watch
Adult Written byRosebud95 May 20, 2014

It's actually pretty good

From what I've watched on YouTube, I actually enjoyed's a cute show.