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Ice Age: Scrat Tales

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age 8+

Starts funny but "Tom and jerry" dynamic goes WAY too far

My 6yo loves ice age, so the first handful of these were GREAT and his 2yo brother even laughed along to see 'the baby' But - spoiler alert - the last episode goes WAY too far. Scrat dies, dramatically, and while he does then "come back", the death scene had my child screaming. I had started making dinner and ran back in terrified. Also, it turns out the baby one killed him to get the acorn (Scrat learns this and his desire for vengeance brings him back to life). On the whole I just can't recommend these or maybe just stick for the first 5 only. I seriously never expected a death scene (with the beeping heart monitor sound that adults recognize from medical dramas) and am horrified my kiddo watched it.

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