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Parent Written bywayne1016 July 17, 2011

Ice Road Truckers authenticisium.

So the narrator says, "meanwhile, back in Alaska" ... wherelse might the have been, Illinois, New Mexico, Central America?? Does anybody like 'proofread:?
Adult Written byshysaway April 9, 2008

Good Info on Truck Drivers

My husband is also a Truck Driver and so I know how the life is but being on tv like they are they should curve their language. I know that they beep the bad language out but kids aint that stupid and they can figure out what is being said.
Parent of a 6, 7, and 10 year old Written bygcaffey August 29, 2010

great for the whole family

My boys are 6, 7,and 10 and they love this show.
Parent Written byPlague February 26, 2010

Ice Road Truckers

An intense, entertaining show. Trucking is a hard, tiring job for many.
What other families should know
Great role models
Adult Written byclemmer21 April 9, 2008
Adult Written bytinab1003 April 9, 2008

Must see every Sunday night!

I don't say that about many shows but it is a every week got to see tv! It is not like all the other reality tv. I love seeing all the stuff these real "hard working" people go through and they take life by the horns and give it their all and then some. There is not awhole lot good on the tv in the summer months but this is a great show!
Adult Written bytruckdriver59923 April 9, 2008

tell the whole story

the show is good , but, the you make sound like the drivers pick up the load and drive 36 hours round trip none stop! As a professional driver I know you do not do that . the general public has a bad impression of otr (Over the road) drivers. Please dont ad fuel to there fire.
Adult Written byracefan1820 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byshadd13 April 9, 2008


A must watch show, great for every one.