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Lots of language

I’ve almost finished the entire season and at this point I’ve heard f**k probably at least ten times, among other curse words. There was one episode in which a character says it four times. Not sure how this got rated TV-14 and not TV-MA. There have also been several sex scenes and also a murder. The violence is mostly implied but there is a lot of blood and some graphic content. Lots of drinking and some drugs.

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Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 14+


I would not rush to have my 14 yr old watch this but wouldn't cringe much if he joined us while we were watching. There is definitely questionable morality portrayed in this show with a fair bit of premarital and marital sex, but the sex is PG-13 not R rated as so one finds in so many shows these day. The characters plot and scheme to con various people and if you think your kid's character isn't yet set toward the positive path, maybe don't give them any ideas. But if your kid is already pointed toward the good you can talk about issues of trust and morality. There definitely is a message of how people can get heart broken when they are lied to and taken advantage of.