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The best show

I think it should be for kids 15+ it's really good but a lot of sexual content, drug use, and violence as well as language
age 13+

One of the BEST shows I've seen in a while.

After reading some of the adult reviews on this show, I feel like they are talking about a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SHOW. I absolutely fell in love with every single character, and I nearly cried after finishing the mere 2 seasons; I WANTED MORE!!!! Besides from the occasional swear word and sexy scenes, this was an awesome, entertaining, and enjoyable show.
age 12+

This show is the greatest show of all time. It had a whole lot of action, twists, and turns throughout the story. I was really sad when the show got cancelled. There was some sex in the show, but it was not explicit. I definitely recommend to anyone who likes movies like the Ocean’s franchise, Catch me if you can, or Man on a Ledge.
age 12+

good show for young teens

it's good show
age 13+

Great show for teens 13 and up

Amazing tv show. There isn’t more sex or violence than what you’d see on any other TV-14 tv show. And yes, there is a bit of swearing but it only makes the show feel more realistic.
age 14+

Fascinating Dramady Worth Watching!

Imposters is funny and very interesting! Though be warned: it's not for kids. There are quite a few sex scenes, though nothing is too explicit. There's minimal violence, but some blood is shown and a man threatens another with a dart in one scene. Language is heavy, though nothing a teenager couldn't handle. Typical PG-13 words such as "ass", b**ch", "hell", "damn", "d**k", etc. are used as well as some heavier words along the lines of "s**t" and "f**k". Characters smoke (cigarettes and marijuana) occasionally, and there's often social drinking, with some characters getting drunk. Overall, I believe that the show is worth your time, but better for teens and older.

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