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Adult Written byLowe's man June 10, 2014

mildy wild adventures

For all the talk you've made about stereotyping on this series, you've conveniently forgotten about Hadji. At the time it was rare for any Arab character to be portrayed in a positive light rather than a derogatory light. But Hadji was a positive character, even bringing some special skills to the others. As for what you say about the villians being portrayed in a stereotypical light, they weren't. I can see why you and perhaps others think they were, but I think otherwise because the villians were always that country's "locals". In other words, the villians in Egypt were never from Canada, the villians from Japan were never from Mexico, etc. In Egypt, the villians were always Egyptians, in Japan the villians were always Japanese, etc. But if you're concerned that younger children might see it the way you do and pick up on it, the best thing to do is to watch with younger children and then talk to them about it. Jonny is only 11 or 12 and can't be on his own full-time yet. That's why Race Bannon comes along to help Dr. Benton Quest, Jonny's father. The various locations are interesting. Even the violence is rather tame compared to what's in many of today's cartoons. A fine choice for kids who know fantasy from reality but aren't yet ready for stronger action-adventure movies or cartoons or other such tv shows.
Adult Written byTheChallenger August 19, 2013

Giving you the facts

Is this a bad show? No, it's and excellent show. Is it a show for kids? No, it was made for prime time. Is there some so called "racist" bits? Well, yes and no. Anyone with a lack of understanding will accuse this show of being racist when really it's not. Is Hadji a racist caricature of Indian people? No, he's how people in the west thought the people of Indian were in the 1960's. Are Race and Dr. Quest homosexual? You have to remember that this was made during a time when homosexuality was a taboo, it was frowned upon. In fact the characters are heterosexual, Benton is a widower and Race has a relationship with the character named Jade. Is Jonny annoying? No! Of course he isn't! Now, that I've gotten all of that foolishness out of the way allow me to talk about the show itself. It came out during the super spy craze of the 60's and you can see it. There is plenty of science fiction elements too but with monsters, violence and death like this it is obvious to anyone that this was made for a primetime audience. If you want to show Jonny Quest to your kids/grandkids/younger siblings, then show them the tv movies or the shows that followed after this one: "The New Adventures of Jonny Quest" and "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest."
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