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Heartwarming series wins with music, emotional honesty.
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Parent of a 7 and 12-year-old Written bycmoore71 September 20, 2020

Good overall - a couple of things to know before watching...

Watching this with our 7 year old... and it's overall a good show, but a few things have caught my daughter's eye: there are some "booty" shots and that makes her snicker and some risque costuming... she's picking up on a romance with 2 male characters... and there is definitely a mean girl in the show. (I'm assuming that eventually, she'll get what she deserves?) But - all of these things are conversation points. We'll likely continue to watch (the first 4 - 5 episodes kept her attention and got her singing and dancing),.. but wanted to mention for some potentially conservative parents.
Parent of a 12-year-old Written byAngelie T. September 25, 2020


This show is great! My daughter, who is turning 12 in two days, just watched it for the 14th time, she’s a little obsessed. There is one shot where 3 boys pull down their pants and show their butts to their old band mate. But their ghosts so he can’t see them. Another boy shakes his butt in front of some girls to see if they can see him. But after all of that, this show is great! Their is a gay guy who represents LBGT+. I think that’s amazing.

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Positive Messages
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Adult Written byHnehmer September 19, 2020

Best show!

Very good family friendly show! The show has a very positive message and it is very enjoyable for all ages!

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Positive role models
Adult Written bymfagundes October 25, 2020

A great family series to watch

(1) very "Disney" like with the mom who has passed and dad is raising a teen who is struggling with lots of things
(2) love their songs and love the "phantoms"
(3) the song with the kids dancing against the lockers was AWKWARD and completely unnecessary
(4) it did indeed touch upon LGBTQ theme but it is much lighter than Disney's Andi Mack's series
(5) very cute!!!!

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Adult Written byFPR September 29, 2020

Amazing show

A very good show for the whole family with some great message behind. There is a LGBT+ character introduced, but it's done in a very natural and easy way for kids to understand and that's great! I highly recommend this show!

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Adult Written byA B September 18, 2020

Great music, great fun, must watch!

I must admit, for the first few days Julie and the Phantoms was on Netflix I ignored the recommendation assuming it would be a bit to cheesy or to kiddish. Finally I gave in and thankfully I did because the show is wonderful!

I am on my third watch, this time with my 10 year old niece and she is loving it. The show deals with ghosts in a very non scary way and deals with topics in a funny way. It also has LGBT+ representation which is so nice to see in a children's show.

It may be a bit to creepy during a few episodes for some very young children but overall I found it very appropriate with a refreshing lack of crude jokes and sex talk.

10/10. Can't wait for there to be another season.

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