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Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure

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age 13+

5th Season COMPLETELY different. Not for young viewers.

Do not recommend. My kids loved this show up until the 5th season. Before that it was about dinosaurs and escaping danger and pretty tame aside from some scary looking dinos. They blindside side you as Season 5 is a completely different vibe focused more on evil parents and the teens all dating each other, LGBTQ content etc. We stopped watching which is a bummer because my kids love dinosaurs and really enjoyed the previous seasons.

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Too much sex
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age 10+

Really? Do we have to push sex on our children? Very disappointed in the Season 5. Why?
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age 14+

TV-Y7 more like TV-14

The older seasons were great but the most recent season (5) became more mature and in Episode “The Core” two female characters kiss. My son was disappointed in the change and now can’t watch any longer.
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age 14+

Changes ratings between seasons

Seasons 1-4 are rated Y7 and then they sneak season 5 in which is rated PG. Took my by complete surprise since I approved this show for my son based on earlier seasons. Season 5 has way too much romance/sexual references for a 7 year old.
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age 7+

My son and I found this engaging and exciting. There is less violence shown compared to Jurassic World.
age 6+

Great for children

This is an great extension of the tv show. Hardly any Violence, and definitly no sex. this is perfect for kids.

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Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
age 13+

camp createceous should be rated the same as jurassic world

it's based on jurassic world and it's aparently canon here they say 8+ and jurassic world they rate it 13 + it doesn't make sense like if they made this series to mislead people i think that it should be equal to jurassic world because everybody that watches camp createcoues are watching it beacase it is a different view in prespective to jurassic world

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Great messages
Too much violence