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More Kate than kids in reality series spin-off.
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Adult Written byBillie B. July 11, 2017

Spoiled Brats

I am over this family... Watching all the vacations and just a life of fun is not real... The kids are smart mouth undisaplined kids... They show no appreciation or respect for their mother or anyone ... Kate herself is not always in the right but does the best she can...When are they gonna stop filling Kate and the children's pocketbooks No one cares anymore
Adult Written byMandy M. January 14, 2017

Kate plus 8 Mother who absolutely hates her kids but bc of them she makes her show and money!

First of all her eyes are gonna roll in the back of her head one day as much as she rolls them when it comes to her talking about her kids. Most of all Mattie is a complete dumbass!!! She acts like an idiot on the show. I can barely watch the show bc of her!!! Her twin is so sweet and and better than her it's unbelievable she came from that family. Mattie is a disgrace to herself the family and tv. If she thinks she is being cute then she needs to stop immediately!!!!!! Omg did anyone else see her trying to drive laughing bc she can't and the other one did great. Do not even get me started on the planning of their 16th birthday party can you say selfish. I just cannot after I watched that I realized how embarrassed Kate has to be of that child. I know she probably can't help it coming from Jon and Kate but get a grip on yourself I do not like to talk negative about any child but Kara is so sweet pretty and considerate how in the hell does Mattie even have the same DNA as Kara. I just hope somehow she can read this about herself and maybe realize she is ugly Not cute and everyone hates the way she acts!!!!! Just take them off tv Kate is not the only woman to have 6 kids at once anymore she couldn't even work at food lion bagging groceries if she had to. It's time to move on tk new things and quit letting Jon and Kate get famous off their kids who will probably never see a dime of the money they are making. Let's wake up and get them the hell off of tv. I feel so bad for the rest of the kids.
Parent of a 12-year-old Written byPatty101 July 6, 2010

Perfect for 12 year olds

its entertaining.

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Parent of a 12-year-old Written byemmykaykay June 14, 2010
Ok this show is fine for all ages it has nothing bad but i don't think they will want to watch it
Parent of a 15-year-old Written byconcerned parent 6 June 9, 2010
Unfortunately, Kate Gosselin continues to continue to express the opposite of what she w0uld desire - "role model mother". Her actions towards the kids, the obvious lies regarding her behind the scenes support - both sponsored products and staff, and total lack of nurturing spirit and kindness with the kids and others. Want evidence? Watch pictures of Jon picking up the kids, then Kate. What a nightmare for those children. I do not want my daughter of 15 years to watch to minimize the risk of her finding Kate to be a role model of any kind..