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Parent of a 10-year-old Written byKatherine C. April 2, 2017

Wow. Sexist and Racist.

While there are themes of friendship and loyalty in this show, it is impossible to get past the miserable depiction of women and girls. Girls being auctioned off at findraisers, girls being pure eye-candy in the vein of women decorating cars at auto exhibits, women who are gold-diggers, etc. I checked out the writers and directors of the show, and very few women were employed in those positions. There's a glaring absence of Asian characters for a show that centres around devotion to Karate and the value of the dojo. We have one black male character and one white (blonde) girl amongst the deluge of focus upon white males. You've seen all this before, but you probably hoped it was over 20 years ago. Disney, to move forward, you've got to stop giving the writing and directing gigs to white men. The world knows their stories inside out. We're interested in other voices! Time to wake up.
Adult Written byV_watches May 11, 2020

Exaggerated reviews

So, what I’m trying to say is many reviews here state valid points but they miss the point. This show is aimed at older kids, it’s almost like the stepping stone between young adult shows and adult media. The same is evident in shows like Icarly, Victorious and Austin and Ally. The show has some great bits of comedy as well as instilling a sense of loyalty and togetherness. Like every show on tv it does sometimes miss the mark but generally it’s an enjoyable watch.

As for the sexism, it is largely shut down by Kim as one of the main protagonists as she often defies traditional gender roles at the same time as staying relatable enough to a female viewer.

To address racism in this show first I would like to say that this whole aspect is blown way out of proportion. The show often explores the culture behind karate like the shaolin monks and these characters are exaggerated for comedic purposes, this is the same for ANY character in the show and at no point represents a specific race to be ‘the enemy’. In fact it shows that anyone can be good or bad and that preconception can be detrimental.

Again I would like to reiterate that this show is for the older crowd and tackles more adult topics. At the end of the day this show is one of the better shows out there if you choose to not wrap your child in cotton wool.

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Adult Written byLexAnima July 6, 2019

Great way to cement your sense of entitlements into your youngsters’ ID

So full of sickening faux bro-mance and inuendendo that my girl-twin seemed to swear off it after a few episodes when she was seven. Meanwhile, her twin brother craves it like Kavanaugh after another red solo cup of suds. (“I like beer, Senator. And “Kickin’ It.” Do you like “Kickin’ It!?”) Yuck. Too nauseating to double check the writers but I feel confident that as the other reviewing said - it’s all white “dudes.” It reminds me of the icky feeling I had watching “Happy Days” when I was growing up. This is EVERYTHING that is wrong with Disney. AND it’s time to scrap that damned Netflix subscription where they get access to this rubbish.

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Parent of a 8-year-old Written byMrRussell24 July 2, 2019

Toxic waste.

This is the most moronic and racist show on television. Someone should be arrested for the toxic waste dump site of a show. Watch the Shaolin monk episode and it's all there.

This show disrespects culture and common sense beyond the pale. Every part of social decency is attacked.
Adult Written byAshley R. May 31, 2017

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Parent of a 4 and 12-year-old Written bybowlerskates July 26, 2016

Stereotypes and Sexism

This is just a quick warning. Please watch a few episodes of this show before letting your child watch, especially if your child is a girl. The gags are so fast and the laugh track so omnipresent that it's hard at first to detect how offensive this show is, but that's what makes it all the more insidious.
Adult Written byibsteingold July 5, 2015

liked it until I paid attention

Thought it was a cute show until I heard things like one of the male characters saying to himself "please don't scream like a girl" over and over also in another episode they were making fun of a group of boys that had on matching outfits calling them cheerleaders. I don't see it as a positive for my son or daughters to be watching a show where females are degraded because they aren't boys
Adult Written byPointy-a-parent December 17, 2013

For skeptical parents, both with positive and negative points

Hi Families,
It's me Pointy, that's my pen name. Here's my point review:
1) Why, if you should, let your kids watch this? Answer: It is a dumb TV show, but it is a good one. I made a list (which you could do if you're that skeptical) of which episodes were the dumbest and which weren't. It's one of those shows you let your child watch only every once in a while. And the reason why they should watch it. It test character and friendship. But kind of in a cheesy way. (I know my review sounds very unorganized.)
2) What language does it have? Nothing bad since it's for preteens. Mostly modern words like: Butt, jerk, freak, sexy and poser. I would never let my child use these words, but they are so spread out and faintly said that a preteen wouldn't notice them. let alone a ten-year-old.
3) What sexy stuff? Well the original review talks only about the first season, I have watched all three seasons. (Oh and a fourth is coming out). They sexy stuff is mild teen crushes and dating. I personally don't think you should date at age fifteen or sixteen, but that's only my preference. There are four kisses in the whole series. Kim kisses Milton accidentally, Kim kisses Milton to release a spirit, Jack and Kim almost kiss, and Jack and Kim are told to kiss for a movie, but end up not doing it. Jack and Kim start dating. All of these are mild, though with a critical eye as a parent I don't like the fact that there is any of this.
4) What violence does it have? Well none really, I just put that one up so parents would know this: Martial arts are used, but in a slap stick way. No body bleeds and no gore is in this. The characters always recover quickly.
Now that I've told you all the negative things about Kickin' it, here's the good parts. Jack through the whole series is a great role model, all of them are, but mainly Jack and Kim. Anyways through the series his character is kind of downed, meaning he slowly is turning into a more funny character rather than a role model. Another good thing is each episode has a theme, usually one to two stories (it's usually two to three stories intertwined) tell about good friendship, loyalty, forgiving, peer pressure, set your goals high, seeing the real person, etc. though each episode has at least one story that is for comic relief, and even though a lot of the slap stick comic is dumb you still need to laugh people, so don't say the comedy it bad. Anyways. this is a good series, my favorite characters are Jack and Kim, I do not condone dating at a young age, but the two of them were made for each other and I like the fact that they talk about equality in one episode. So for smart parents who have the time. Watch the episodes and make a list of which are good, which are dumb and which are okay. I will promise you, the dumb section will be fuller than the good section, it's just the way it is. Oh and Disney channel, yes they are going down in morally good shows, but Kickin' it is pretty good. For more reviews like this one, just look for my name at the top or bottom on the review for a movie or book or TV show.
~Pointy, a parent

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Parent of a 2 and 8-year-old Written byAlamedaParent November 20, 2013

One of the least-awful Disney XD programs

Kickin' It is one (somewhat) bright spot in the otherwise vapid, awful Disney XD lineup. The show can be genuinely funny, the characters are warm and supportive (if a bit cartoonish at times), and the values of teamwork, perseverance, and even empathy are often woven into the storylines.

And mercifully, the female lead for once isn't the Sassy Princess of Shoppingville. While she's obviously been cast by Disney's Next Big Thing Dept. (all the girl leads in the XD shows have exactly the same face, it's really remarkable), she acts, speaks, and dresses like a normal 12-year-old might. Moreover, she's also one of the martial artists, so she doesn't strand in the corner shrieking and applying mascara as the boys take care of the conflicts. She's assertive, she's confident, she's kind—she's as good a female role model as you'll find on this network.

The show does have some violent martial arts content. The intensity of the martial arts can be a jarring contrast to the overall goofiness of the show, but it's well done. The conflicts usually occur within the context of a competition, and if not, they're usually in a brief, low-contact confrontation with a cartoonish foe. Plus, a few of the kids are exceptional martial artists, so the scenes can be quite entertaining.

There's a warmth and positive wholesomeness to this show that's unique among the loud, crass XD offerings. While it does have the usual faults (the dumb jock and nerd stereotypes, some violence, the occasional inappropriate joke or double entendre), it can also be fun, funny, and enriching. It's worth watching.

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Parent of a 6 and 7-year-old Written bycrizeliz September 14, 2013

More characters with no redeeming value, courtesy of Disney.

More preteen rubbish from Disney. Like most of the programs of this genre, this program portrays absurd and unhealthy relationships between male and female characters. In the episode tonight the leading female was portrayed as a materialistic bimbo impressed by status and a free meal. The male character spoke down to her and referred to her as "woman". Reading my review does not convey the belittling tone.

I changed the channel as my 7 year old was watching. I don't need my kids growing up believing that even in humor, men and women treat each other so disrespectfully. Children are easily influenced by the media and shows like this. It's time for my family to put a block on Disney Channel. We grew out of Disney Junior and found ourselves looking at a programming lineup of mind numbing sexist, bullying, awful, rubbish.
Parent of a 2, 8, and 12-year-old Written bycremepie998 September 2, 2012

Good Show

I like it. It is a karate show, so there is a tiny bit of violence but there is no bleeding or gory things. (Clicked on the violence button for picky moms & dads.) I let my kids watch it on TV and on Netflix and I've watched it too, there is nothing wrong with the show. It is clean and for kids 8 & up.

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Adult Written byRobbyWBoy16 January 2, 2012

Kickin it

good karate show, unlike to be on disney xd.

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Adult Written bylc1967 November 22, 2011

Its a pass

The show does have some positive themes, particularly loyalty. But there's doesn't need to be so much innuendo. I was particularly upset when someone mentioned wet T-shirt contents being the best part of Spring Break. Of course, my pre-teen asked me what that was.

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