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on the episode of May 23rd 2017 the kids name was Nico he served raw chicken to one of the judges that is a big no in the cooking world I have seen adults do that on cooking shows and they didn't make it to the next round so my Question is why did the kid make it through and win I really don't think it was fair that he won knowing he served raw chicken I'm sorry but he should of been the one to go in that round, what kind of judges are you guys, are you saying o its ok to serve raw chicken but the seasoning was good and I have seen Gordon Ramsay send children home because of that , I don't understand what kind of judges you guys are
age 13+

Raw wings verse cooked

I have grilled 1000's of items on the grill, but the other night I watched kids BBQ, The kids were grilling chicken wings, 3 of the kids grilled their wings great and one had raw wings. They cut one of the kids that cook their wing right. I felt that was a wrong. Why should a person who didn't grill the product currently go through and not the kid who did? Just didn't think that was fair, just saying!!
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Judging in question

After watching the first of this series I was somewhat miffed at the selection of Camila Alves, Co-host? Not sure if she is actually qualified to judge an outdoor grilling competition. Seems her idea of what was good grilling was extremely limited and critical in odd areas, for someone who criticized what "dump cake" should look like (and how it's prepared) isn't familiar with this country's down home cooking enough to judge it! As a cook of over 50 years I can say that even though the dump cake that was prepared by one of the contestants could have been plated a bit better the idea that Camila stated it should have been layered when served??? was absurd! Dump Cake may be layered in the pan while baking but it doesn't come out layered when served! It's scooped like the little contestant stated! Please get someone to Co-host this show that knows more about down home cooking and grilling or else pick a second tasting judge and let the co-host stand to the side and just present each competition - but not judge the food! Co-hosts for this show should be Eddie Jackson and Damaris Philips! (She is far more qualified and these two would be a perfect fit for judging this type of cooking competition.)
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Helping the children

I had not watched the show regularly, but in catching the episodes that I saw I was very impressed by the creativity as well as the talent that each young adult possessed. I really enjoyed the show. What I was not thrilled about was the favoritism that was shown to the cook by the judge.
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Grammar Police Alert

The kids are clearly talented and well raised. The show highlights the next generation of grill masters. So lets stop using gross grammar(did instead of done) and incorrect word usage( why would you say a burn bean is a carcinogen). For the most part it's a positive presentation.