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So funny

I love the show and how she relates to the children.

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Great messages
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age 6+

Terrible show

The host is terrible. Not funny at all. Who gives a crap that she knows tayler swift. She makes the show about herself and not the kids. Stupid skits instead of asking kids questions as when Art Linkletter did the show. Either get a new host and focus show on the kids or cancel the piece of crap. Wont want again till changes are made.
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age 15+

The host, and kids of course, can be very funny, but then something happens that is just SO wrong!

...Like last night the cute kid who earned money cleaning balls at the bowling alley. The host turned it into a "nasty" subject while the SEVEN year old boy and the girl continued to joke innocently. Thankfully they didn't acknowledge the host's disgusting behavior. And when they were driving around in the van (where they really even driving?) and she is distracted and not watching the road. Like .. AT ALL! What was thAT?! Then there was the episode when she alludes to (frequent) pot smoking. Right in front of the kids. I couldn't believe what I was watching. I was also shocked that they put a Jesus / God segment in a couple of weeks ago. But I doubt I will have many sympathizers here. I doubt next week they will feature a Jewish segment, and the week after that, an Islam segment. .. Get my drift? Wish the host and the writers would just let the kids take over. They are much more wholesome, good-hearted and funny.
age 16+

Otherwise vulgar egomaniac leads kids into cringeworthy and forced dialogue for a paycheck.

Embarrassing!! And that sums it up. Haddish jokes about her crotch for 10 minutes along with self induced abortions on her latest Netflix special....and now she wants cash in on family content? To watch Haddish 'fish' for laughs often using double entendre' to twistedly sexualize kids answers is shameful. She readily admits to having no children of her own due to multiple 'self induced' abortions and consistantly depends on persistant sexual material in her stand up specials. I wouldn't leave a child in a room with this person for a minute let alone watch a show about it. The simple fact that this was a reboot from when Bill Cosby hosted this same show just solidifies what a terrible call it was to re-create this mess in the first place.
age 4+

Tiffany feedback

This Tiffany chick is horrible. The show is called Kids Say the Darndest Things not Tiffany Says the Darndest Things. I say more of the kids and a whole lot less of Tiffany
age 8+

Not good at all

The kids ares super cute, but the hostess, Tiffany ruins it. She makes ''adult'' jokes that the kids don't understand, so they just sit there clueless. She is so self centered, the show should be called ''Tiffany Says the Darndest Things'' really not that funny, and it looks staged.
age 5+

Waste of air time

It’s all about the host. I’ve seen Art Linkletter and Bill Cosby do it the right way. Tiffany is a joke
age 5+

Not my cup of tea

I didn't like it seemed like it was set up. The first time I noticed was when the little girl song abc against host an stops says I forgot an left it to the host seemed scripted as a joke.... just not as good and realistic.
age 10+

Sexual reference

The show had way to many sexual references in the content when the show host was having direct conversation with the kids. Asking a child if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend and making jokes sexual in nature trying to get laughs from the audience is just simply low in taste and class. I for one will not allow this show to ever be viewed in my household again. The entire concept of the show is dumb and lacks imagination and over all is a bad influence on kids. This shows offers nothing good that will help inspire kids to be great or do great things if adults thinking it's funny when a child say the darndest thing.

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Too much sex
age 7+

Self centered

Art Linkletter did it best. I hate how self centered Tiffany is throughout the entire show. Couldn’t even finish the first episode. What a disgrace to the show. Wish I didn’t have to give it any stars, doesn’t even deserve one.