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Amazing movie!

No bad scene, no bad language and no drug use. Very good movie makes you appreciate everything your father a done for you. Overall good movie for kids to watch early if they would like to become an actor some day.

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Great messages
Great role models
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Wonderful Re-Telling of Shakespeare's Classic, Too Gruesome for Younger Viewers

This modern re-telling of Shakespeare's classic tragedy follows the original script very closely; each word is spoken in Shakespearean English and might be hard to understand if you have not read the original play. The costumes and sets are very modern, which makes the usage of the old English stick out. There were some odd, confusing and strange parts, Lear kisses his son-in-law and his eldest daughter violently on the mouth. And he curses Goneril, desiring that "her womb be full of sterility, and the organs fertility be dried up in her" as he pushes his hand on her abdomen. This review states only that a man gets his eye gouged out, but it was very gruesome and sickening to watch. It is for this part alone that I say ages 15 and up. ( I will NEVER look at Emily Watson, red nail polish or the name Regan the same way!) Both Goneril and Regan commit adultery with the same man. This is seen in a few scenes near the end as Goneril kisses the man in front of her husband, and Regan comes close. to kissing him. Regan asks if he has been familiar with her sister, then states to Goneril that he has husbanded her. Only older viewers will understand this. The original King Lear was written as a tragedy, and the ending is indeed quite tragic. Three pale corpses are seen, one man has his back broken and spits blood after a vicious fist fight. One sister commits suicide off-screen. I watched most of this with my siblings (14,11 and 9) and had to continuously pause it to explain what was going on. When the eye part came, we turned it off ( I lied and told them that something else had happened to the man so they wouldn't have nightmares) and I finished it on my own later. All in all, it was very good and true to the play (which I love), it had an out-standing cast (Anthony Hopkins AND Emily Watson AND Emma Thompson in ONE movie???!!) It will be hard for most teens and kids to understand (not many young people have an appreciation for Shakespeare) and for this reason, I think that not many young people will be drawn to this adaptation. Possesses great lesson, THINK BEFORE YOU ACT.

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Too much violence