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Teen, 13 years old Written byqueendork3 May 5, 2009

I don't know why CommonSense!

Kirby is cute. Get used to it. This show is awesome. It got cancelled for no good reason! You guys dont know how to review. I've only seen the Japanese version, and let me tell you guys one thing: You have never seen such a good show as this one, or you just judged it by its cover. SHAME ON YOU!!!
Teen, 17 years old Written byManx007 April 9, 2008

Love it

Ok first of all I'm 18. I love the show. As a matter of fact I think I'm going to buy the whole series. The show has hidden morals such as "If you try, you will succeed" or "No matter what situation your in your friends will be there for you". My nephew always watches it with me and he loves the show. Hell even my dad watches it and he's 48. (I don't even think he's missed an episode). Anywho the show is adorible and has great characters and symbolisms. Parents need to ease up a little. My parent let me watch shows like this and I learn everything I know from cartoons and video game. Trust me, its the best medicine for kids like me with ADHD, and autism. Anyway I digress, The shows great, my little cousins love it, my nephew loves it, my brother loves it (21 now), and I love it. Just because you lost touch with your inner child, doesnt mean children have to lose touch with it too. Think about. You'll learn something.
Teen, 14 years old Written byHotaru Chan August 5, 2011

Lighten up.

What's up with the one star rating?! Crappy Disney Channel shows get high ratings but you give this horrible treatment to Kirby?! Why?! The messages are typical kid's show messages, and there are plenty of likeable characters. Obviously there's going to be fighting bad guys - it's Kirby. But I have a feeling whoever reviewed this didn't know anything about Kirby and expected something light and fluffy with no meaning at all... ¬_¬ It's very cute while being action packed at the same time. Although I must say, the English version isn't nearly as good as the original Japanese (I can't take Meta Knight seriously with a Spanish accent). So if you can, watch the original version. It's good, Kirby flavored fun. It is a little corny, but in a good way. It gets 4 stars: nearly perfect!
Teen, 13 years old Written byNocturnal April 9, 2008

Silly adults. You make me laugh.

Silly adults. You make me laugh. After reading various reviews, it's clear that you have obviously watched episodes in random order. Kirby is not like other cartoons, where you can just jump in anywhere and perfectly understand what's going on. Not only that, the english version isn't worth watching, I admit it. If you want a good show, watch the Japanese version (Which is the original, mind you). In the english version, personalities are screwed up, voices go from terrifying to squeaky (I mean look at eNeMy, or should I say Nightmare,as is his original name. By Sithis, his voice is gone from deep and scary to gay and rubbery!), certain scenes are taken out, it was basically butchered. So guess what? By A) Watching episodes in random order B) Telling lies about, I.E Disturbing monster appearences (How exactly is a snowman scary?) and finally C) Saying it's not appropriate for kids because it does things that nearly every other cartoon does (OMG TEY PUT DA MAIN CHARACTERS IN PERIL ZOMG AAAAAAAAAAH!), you have proven yourselves dumb, stupid, and idiotic. As the saying goes, think before you speak, or in this case type. And yes, I have thought this over quite well. You'll be suprised how hard it is to deal with stupid people and OMG I SAID STUPID! P.S: OMG VIOLENCE!
Teen, 13 years old Written byUtopial January 27, 2017

Hoshii no kaabii!!!

This is probably my favorite TV show. The 4kids version (in English) is slightly more appropriate for young children, but low on quality and I highly recommend you go watch the Japanese version with English subtitles . It has positive messages, and a good story, and who could ask for a better main character than kirby himself!?? Overall, I think any child should watch this show as it is very good (:
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Teen, 16 years old Written byjonghyunchung April 9, 2008

I really like this!

Sue Common Sense Media for giving this only one star! This show is extremely the best!!
Teen, 13 years old Written byKirby Intellect April 9, 2008

No one takes Kirby the right way.

Kirby: Right Back at Ya! is a very underrated show. Mostly because the people who rate it have only watched one or two single episodes. I think this show is amazing and has great plot development if you watch it in order. 4kids did a pretty good job on it, considering other cartoons. I am thirteen years old; I do not lie. Kirby is a very adorable character which has an adventure per episode. Most of these adventures give you a little moral that is hidden in the episode; you have to know what they're doing. Such as jealousy gets you nowhere. There are also a few plot twists. Sure, monsters may be there in the cartoon, but come on; they're not the creepy crawlies that give you nightmares. No kid would have a nightmare, as Kirby defeats all of the monsters he opposes. And if your child is afraid, you can take advantage of this by teaching them that fiction is different from reality. There are even some episodes telling you junk foods aren't good for you! Kirby: Right Back at Ya! is a GREAT show. Don't even think about scary voices and no plot advancement at all. There's always the jokes that adults catch on, too. My dad cracks up at some of the puns made in the dubbed cartoon. Kirby: Right Back at Ya! is exactly as the creators wanted it. For kids, and adults. Thank you for reading this review. I may not be an adult, but I swear, children absolutely CANNOT be afraid of the fun and enjoyable adventures of Kirby and friends. I started watching the show at nine years old and have never faltered from it at all. The horrible review here scared me out of my wits as Kirby is not a bad show at all! Macey McCormick
Teen, 14 years old Written byWWEWRESTLINGFAN103 January 23, 2014

Kirby Right Back at Ya is a great show from my childhood

Kirby Right Back at Ya is 1 of my favorite show when I was a Kid it was always fun and interesting to watch, it was based on the Nintendo's Kirby Video Game franchise, Sonic The Hedgehog has lots of great video games and tv shows and Mario has lots of cool video games and tv shows however I was annoyed when this show got cancelled by Nintendo but its still a great show to watch, My favorite character in the show is Kirby because in Super smash Bros brawl he eats characters like Link from Legend of Zelda , Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Wario and many more then he spits out the character and turn into that character and the score Im giving Kirby Right Back at Ya is 100/100 I wish Nintendo brought this show back and make more episodes
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Teen, 14 years old Written byMetakitty June 10, 2012


You can't just watch like kirby episode Curio's Curious Discovery Fossil Fools - Part I/2 and eNeMeE Elementary and get the WHOLE series! just like episode 56 39 then 27 you HAVE to watch them in order! such as episode 1,2,3 you people just look at it SOOO wrong LIE'S LIE'S LIIE'S! HA it's not like a 4 year old is just going to randomly watch this show! you people need to focus on teens,tweens, not JUST BABY'S such as 2 3 4 and 5! Meta knight, Kirby , Tiff , rick and escargoon are AWESOME i'm only 11 and i'm in LOVE IT so does my 10 year old sister ADORES IT! And what's wrong with the Monsters, exploding, and just a LITTLE dark voices? ( witch is barly dark) and WHAT do you mean by (pure, empty fluff) HUH?!!? This is a show that tewns, teens, and even adults would love. Episodes like Kirby's Pet Peeve and Hour of the WolfWrath made me cry. and lots more. episodes like Something to Sneeze At and A Half-Baked Battle made me laugh! and lots more to! This is SOO not a ahem... 1 star rating? id'e say.. 5 out of 5. Who wan't to wacth show with NO funny parts no sad parts and some scary parts? like johnny test, and annoying orange? there the worst shows ever made. Kirby it's 1 of a kind and you will never ever find a show like this one again. kirby is the most well-built show that i could ever think of i'm sure littler kids can handle it.
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Kid, 11 years old August 9, 2009

Reviews don't match my opinions at all.

Wow. These reviews are totally confusing. How can something packed with action be... "empty pink fluff"? I mean, of course, the review is right, it may be a little confusing to those who aren't familiar with the video game its based on (I think its based on Knightmare in Dreamland), but after watching some more of the show you'll understand. And also, frequent commercial breaks? Blame that on the channel showing it not the show itself! Also, th show does get a tidbit repetitive because the ending is usually the same: "Yay! You've saved us all Kirby!" but twists and turns in the main length of the show counter that. And, now, (since I can't think of anything else to type) I would like to make one correction: KIRBY IS A SUBER TUFF PINK PUFF NOT A BORING FLUFF!!! WHY? CAUSE HE ROCKS!!! P.S. DeDeDe is my fav though. :)
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008

Kirby IS substantial!

Kirby: Right Back at Ya! was originally made in Japan. This is not a cartoon in which there is only commercialism. I actually watched this show at 9 years old and found it amazingly fun, the monsters weren't scary at all! They're just on television. And the way Kirby makes do with them, there's no blood or violence, it just shows that the monsters are electrical and have the kind of tv fuzz. (The final big bad guy has the funniest voice, it's not even creepy...) Sure, you people don't like the show: because you're proffessional adults who just watched a few episodes not in a row and assumed it was horrible. Kirby is a substantial show (it enhances your experience to watch them IN order) which shows people as how they are. (Tiff is smart and likes learning and teaches the Cappy children things, and Tuff is more for playing outside.) They express how they feel, like any normal human. No little brother likes cleaning their room or studying, and you know that! It just brings out the reality in the show. I, for one, think you can learn a lot of stuff from this show. Thanks for reading.
Teen, 15 years old Written byIsabella257 February 17, 2016

I love the series so much!

I watched every episode of the series! Each and every one of these episodes I loved watching! I can't believe you ONLY gave it one star! How could you? The whole series holds a special place in my heart! I definitely recommend for anyone to watch the series! It's a very great show!
Teen, 15 years old Written byHylianHobbit April 9, 2013

Only one star? Really?

I have no idea why this show got such a bad rating! It's great! I am a big fan of the Kirby series, and to have a quality TV series to go alongside the games is brilliant! The storylines can be funny, crazy, dramatic and serious all in one! It has interesting characters and it's nice to get a bit of character development on cirtain people from the games (ie, Meta Knight, King DeDeDe). That said, there is some very slight violence, and the English Voice-Acting is really quite bad. If you're a good reader, I recomend watching the original Japanese episodes, 'Hoshi no Kaabii (Kirby of the Stars)', with English subtitles. The voices sound a lot nicer and their lips move intime with what they're saying. Plus, the themesong is adorable in Japanese!
Kid, 10 years old November 26, 2016

This show is good for all ages!!!! :) ;)

I love this show! It's kind of an anime. This show is either rated TV-Y or TV-Y7, either way, it's really good and really cute! There is friendship throughout the show and some violence but no blood. There is some sword fighting and a little ninja action but nobody actually dies. In one episode, it shows a flashback of when a warrior was fighting a bad ninja and he got stabbed in the foot with a kunai knife. But there was no blood in the scene. There is still violence though but not extreme violence. Your five-year-old kid and/or up should definitely watch this!
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Teen, 13 years old Written byKirby Allred June 21, 2016

This Anime reminds me when I was little

This Anime was a good Show its still on DVD if you Get it at Amazon and ebay has those DVDS Also Avalibe On Kirby's Dream Collection For the Wii Also That Game can Play on Wii U you can see the Episodes Like Your a Kid Again! Also Available On YouTube!
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Teen, 13 years old Written bythe_baron_of_garnia February 27, 2016

Kirby: Right Back at YA! baron's review

what can I say, I used to really like this show when I was like 6 I think. I'm surprised I created an OC for it as well. Her name was Melissa, and she was a complete Mary Sue. I'm honestly embarrassed for her existence, but that's not what this is about, this is about Kirby: Right Back at YA! it's about a video game character named Kirby having his own show. sometimes the show dialog doesn't even make sense, the scripting is cringe worthy, and king DDD and Escargot's animation style was kinda... it was 3D, not something I would really enjoy with an anime, but whatever. the thing I despise most about the show is the awful puns "THAT BOI'S GOT A BOTTOMLESS BELLY!" "JUST BECAUSE IM A BIRD, DONT MEAN I WATCH HIM LIKE A HAWK! I mean, come on. and king DDD's voice I just- it's so hard not to laugh to it whenever he's about to say something! King DDD himself is hilarious, why is he a villain in the first place? I just watched episode 3, in the middle of the episode, he started cutting down trees with a light saber like he was a maniac or something! then, he created a country club for himself and tried to use Kirby as golf ball. Esargot, I feel sorry for him. every episode, he seems to be continuously torched by everything that comes his way especially king DDD. Tiff is the most annoying character in the entire series. her voice, her attitude, everything about her is just annoying! she actually kind of reminds me of Misty from Pokemon, except I actually like Misty. Tiff however, is just so annoying to watch do anything! I CANT EVEN. Tuff, I can't really complain about. I think he's just there to be there. He doesn't really have a purpose in the show, I think he's just there because Tiff and Tuff are cute twin names, but they're actually horrible names to name your children, good lord. The bird who I cant remember his name, I could give him second place on most annoying, but Tiff is 1#. anyway, the bird is basically the one who says the most puns. I don't think he can go one single sentence without saying a pun. He's like Sans from Undertale honestly, except a large amount of people actually like Sans because he's charging. The bird is kind of a jerk, though. why are all birds jerks? in Cinderella the birds pecked out the stepsister's eyes out. in Over The garden Wall, Beatrice was a total jerk towards Wirt for about half of the series. I don't understand this weird trend. Do people have something against birds or something? Kirby himself is adorable, the only thing I don't like about him is that he say "boyo" to much. or maybe he says "poyo" I could never really tell the difference. I'd honestly like to hear him say "damn, DDD, back at it with the white vans, spicy man". also they repeat episodes to much, they need to come up with something more original honestly.
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Teen, 14 years old Written byGavin the Dragon January 17, 2016

Uhh... why the exaggerated harshness, Common Sense Media?

The reviewer of this doesn't really give much reason as to why they dislike it and gave it a low rating... simply because it has slightly scary stuff..? Give a higher age rating then!
Teen, 14 years old Written byDAz mongoose October 15, 2015
Teen, 13 years old Written byIsaac T February 5, 2015

Kirby TV show is OK, but not great.

This series is OK. There ARE a few scary parts, like when a mysterious monster devours a herd of sheep in the first episode's opening act. Otherwise it's fine.
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Teen, 13 years old Written byjujubii February 1, 2015

If you are a Kirby fan, you'll be extremely disappointed in what this show has to offer.

I don't know what the show's intention was, but it definitely doesn't scream out Kirby. The plot makes little to no sense and if you don't keep up with the episodes, then the plot will be even more confusing. The new characters are annoying and usually not helpful, the voice acting is horrendous, the humor is dry, and the action is predictable. Kirby is just cute to hide the fact that this show is terrible. The Japanese version is way less cheesy and is actually interesting to watch with acceptable voice acting and some funny quirks, but it's not like the plot changed.
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