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Good clean entertainment with values and fun

The show was about helping the little guy mostly. It wasn't about sex, not about pushing political views and it didn't have gore. It was about a team that was like family. It was about friendship and loyalty. It always had a moral direction, it wasn't like today's shows that is all about feeling sorry for the bad guy who just happens to be stronger and unbeatable. The good guys won in this show, so it offered hope, not despair. The show was made for the whole family and it offered an inspiration to everyone to help other people, in other words something positive. The car KITT was awesome, and even though some people say he looks like a car that should be in a used car lot, he doesn't. KITT is timeless, that front end with the scanner light and running lights down in the valance keeps him more current. I have seen many of these KITT built cars in person, when you see it, you want to drive it. We need more shows like the 80's Knight Rider. They had a chance to keep the fans happy but they made the 2008 KR and it was all about the terrorist of the week, sex and drama. When the rating dropped really bad, they tried to get back to the original shows premise but it was too late. We need inspiration and hope today, not dark, twisted, sex dramas.
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Great TV-show for school-aged kids to adults

Knight Rider is truly a classic from the eighties. The style of the series is oldish, but it should be seen from it's historical context. Most of the series have always been either realistic drama or pure scifi, but on Knight Rider, the creator, Glen A. Larson, was able to combine the both aspects. Knight Rider is also a study about relationship between A.I. and human, written by American writers, while most of the famous stories on this baseline are usually written by Russian authors. Episodes like "Trust Doesn't Rust" also encourage watchers to think about the ethics of technological development. So, the series has also enough depth to attract older audience, too. The series has been criticized about straightforward plots and having an indestructible car. I am pretty sure that all who have presented such critique, haven't watched series for a very long time. It is true, that on some episodes, the case is solved very easily, but that's not the case on all episodes. Michael and KITT encounter failures now and then, and KITT can not help Michael with every problem. KITT is the logical side of the duo, and Michael completes the duo with his ability to think intuitively, of which is something that KITT is unable to do. I don't want to spoil the series too much, but I'll give a hint: KITT is not indestructible... As a conclusion: The most positive sides of the series are that it gives good messages, like "one man can make a difference" and the duo is also a good role model for younger audience. The negative sides of the series are that now and then there are mild swearing, mild drinking/smoking -references, mediocre violence, and sometimes Michael shows a little about his playboyish attitude towards women, of which KITT comments dryly with giving a hint of moralization towards Michael. In the end, the mindset of the series can be seen more positive than negative. Michael and KITT are fighting against the crime and making the world a little better place to live.

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Great messages
Great role models
age 6+

Awesome show!

Seriously? 9+ this is a great show for your kids! It gives a positive message that one man can make a difference!

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Great messages
Great role models
age 18+


Watched the first episode, had numerous hells and dams, so language is a biggie in this one. Also, serious violence throughout, and very skanky bar scenes with women dressed like a Victoria Secret commercial. So, not for young kids. However, for much older kids, say 16 or 18 or older, it's perhaps an interesting show, with lots of creative sci-fi sorts of stuff. At least that's what we gathered from episode 1.

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Too much swearing