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A classic throwback to the cheesy buddy cop movies, in good AND bad ways.

The casting actually couldn't be better. Damon and partner have the bickering bromance thing down from the git. It has just enough romantic junk for mom and the sprinkling of comedy throughout keeps it fresh. The down sides are the heaping helpings of action cheese and face palm moments that are often poorly conceived and executed with the grace of a Bugs Bunny bit. Don't exspect too much, just some mindless fun and a few laughs. Some sexual banter and revealing bikini type scenes, but older teens should be fine.
age 14+

If you like action dramas, this show is great!

We recorded this show, but did not start watching it until March. It has great writing and the actors are wonderful. There is more than one story line throughout each show, plenty of action, and also plenty of parts where you can relate to a character. As far as the kids go, my 16 year old is fine to watch it. My 11 year old -- it is iffy. It can be violent, but that doesn't scare him. The issue I have is with the sexual content. It IS rated TV14 but the episodes vary. Some are fine the whole way through while others we cannot let him watch. There is drug and alcohol use, but it is portrayed in a negative manner. Actually, if it was just slightly less violent and got rid of the sexual innuendos and barely clothes women I would say it is fine for 11 or 12 and up -- depending on the child and their personality.

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Too much sex
age 13+

Awesome show

I can't wait until it comes back on, it is always awesome. Te story line is amazing and these guys are funny together. I hope it stays on for years to come.
age 13+

Outstanding remake of a Movie

I Love this show the characters are perfect! It's real-life situations that could take place. No bad language for an action packed show. If your kids are mature enough, and you talk to them about the different situations this show should be great topics for you and your kids to discuss!
age 13+

not as action packed as u expect but good

ok after watching the premeire of this show and reading the review of it i will say that yea its very bright and entertaining with good action though the action isnt as nonstop as cms sayed its still a good buddy cop show with a lesson in tolerance i say defenetly dont miss it u will like it damon adds humor to the show as well

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Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking