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Adult Written byForknose April 9, 2008

Seems like school

This show seems like everbody's circle. I don't have much of a circle, maybe my circle would be like this if I weren't getting A's and if I had a good outlook on this "high" (joke) school thing. Yes I hear lots of sex talk and swearing and other junk at my school overrun by gothics and poseur punks. But anyway this show is reminiscent of the things I hear at high school. Since I highly dislike going there, why on earth would I give a show that completely reminds me of the place a good rating?
Adult Written bywebmaster April 9, 2008

We MUST take down this show, and its advertisers

It sickens me to see what this society has become. It just doesn't have to be this way. Make a stand, help us all begin to bring back the respect and decency of and to our children and teens. It is NOT going to just happen. It is going to take some serious changes and work on all of our daily activities.
Adult Written bysmiling212 April 9, 2008

I love this show

This was a great show.. some people say it's not good for their kids then I say DONT LET THEM WATCH IT THEN.. They shouldnt take a good show off the air just bc some parents dont want their kids to hear about sex.. they watch mtv dont they!!
Adult Written byblondie81883 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byerinsmith2003 April 9, 2008