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Adult Written byKatherine920 February 26, 2010

Lose UnXpected.

It's rubbish, boring and not appealing. It's very limiting, does not appear in the other countries apart from America, France, Canada and The netherlands because it is so rubbish. No one wants to see a pathetic idea with pathetic actors. The plot was ok but went downhill. Cate's character is completely unlikeble and is an anti mary sue. She lies too much to the point it would be good to kill her character off and replace her with a better character. Baze is drunk man who can't keep his eyes open most of the time and Ryan seems like the only person who is properly acting in this story. I cannot stand that Lux, her voice is annoying and she's a teen version of her immature mother. There are more better teen actress' then Lux who aren't as half as annoying as she is. She's like a D class version of Miley Cyrus. She's just irks me everytime I see her. That's no role model for teens. She can't even dress straight let alone act straight. Her parents in the show can't be bothered to buy her new clothes. They really should do more research about foster kids because to me it looks like they haven't a clue what that life is about. No woman who sees her child for years after throwing them out of their lives as a baby suddenly snaps up and wants to keep the child now. Cate hasn't given a single thought about Lux all those years and was so happy in her life anyway. So why the sudden change? It does not make sense. I see a very negative hasty ending for this show. They could have developed it with Cate and Lux hating each other first but slowing getting to know each other. That would be the interesting point, the main plot of the whole freaking series. Those 3 characters can't act. Cate overdoes it with her freaky eyes, she looks more like a 50 year old then a 32- Baze is so droopy, you'd think he'll fall into an eary grave and that Lux or bux is just too childish and needs to sharpen her acting skils- the same goes for that old looking woman- Shiri Appleby. It's only Ryan that can act in this show. What is he doing with these losers? He could be starring in a top film right now..... Overall, this stupid show get's a 1 out of 10. It's pathetic, complete waste of time, I'd rather be waching re rurns of Glee or Smallville or even Roswell.