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Adult Written byyll April 9, 2008

Brady Bunch Gets Real

It deals with issues in a step-family from as realistic a perspective as a Disney sitcom can. Those issues mostly center around life with a step-sibling and sibling rivalry issues, as well with adjusting to a new family and school. The protagonist, an uptight teenage over-achiever usually ends up learning something within the course of an episode.
Parent of an infant and 10 year old Written byDominikaRudzka April 9, 2008

Great Show

My 10 and 6 love this show their not scared of anything .
Adult Written byBreaaLynnn August 16, 2016

Good morals presented with real family-centered issues for children.

This show will keep children's attention at tween to teen ages. It does not include many "adult" references, but does involve teenage struggles, like first boyfriends/girlfriends, parties, and appropriate games/movies.
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Parent of an infant, 1, 4, 11, and 18+ year old Written byAdrianna R. August 14, 2016

Life with Derek...

We had a discussion about blended families after watching this show. With our younger ones it was as simple as (sometimes mommies and daddies aren't happy and can't figure out problems, they go find someone else to start over with)
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Parent of a 9 year old Written bysgmatton June 6, 2009

Life with Derek TV-G "I don't think so!"

Ok,so way to much attitude, bad examples "BOOTY CAM" i don't know why thats still on TV Horrible Horrible HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adult Written bykierstyn April 9, 2008

I laughed

life with derek is agood show, but i dont think it should be aired on the disney channel. the dialouge is way too much for children. derek has half naked pictures of women on his wall and talks about making out with girls and hints about having sex. there is to many sexist comments and way to many sexual refferances.i personally like the show, but, as amother i would not let my daughter watch it until she turns 13 years old, at least. the show is targeted to viewers about my age, wich is 19.and, lets face it, the age group that the disney channel attracts is like ages 2-10. my over all opinion is that the show is pretty good, although it should probably air on nick@night or abc family.
Adult Written bybeckys April 9, 2008

Its Good when it wants to be

This show is not bad , It could be better.Some of the script is not so hot. And what is with the parents I don't know any that act like that.?! Derek needs to be a little more crafty better word (smooth) but a good guy at heart.and not So nasty.casey needs not to be fakey she needs to be a princes type but softer with it.disney was not prepared ,more episodes.Better writing andsay it with me , more episodes. Thanks a fan
Adult Written bynmbr1babysitter April 9, 2008
Adult Written byMythWeaver April 9, 2008

Cute, but there are BIG problems...

My son loves this show- on the surface it seems a funny take on the modern step-family, and the power struggle between the two oldest step-siblings. Parents should be aware that the teenaged dialogue and social situations (excepting the one I bring up shortly) are very realistic, not typical Disney Channel (this is how kids are supposed to be) fare. The problem I have jumped out at me the first time I viewed the program. That is, that the power struggle between Derek and Casey does not seem to me to be "new step-sibling" driven, but more "we're secretly attracted to each other" driven. Because I can't bring myself to believe that the producers of the show meant to raise the question "Are step-sibling relationships really incestuous?" on a children's television show, it has to be an inadvertent suggestion on their part. But I DO think that the writers and directors should do a better job of keeping this step-sibling relationship above reproach.
Adult Written bypepita April 9, 2008

bad acting

the show is so boring and I really think that there are other shows out there that can use this tv time people with real talent, the acting is really bad and it makes canadians look like they have no talent please get new people to act or get this show off I love family chanel but not this show everytime its on I change the chanel
Adult Written byda_cool_mamma April 9, 2008
Adult Written byargentenipinkini April 9, 2008

My favorite show

Life With Derek is a Canadian show that airs in the US on the Disney Channel and in my opinion, it's the best show they air. Life With Derek has a very dedicated fan base, and surprisingly a lot of those fans are in their teens are older, not to mention the younger ones. Basically, this show attracts so many different ages and there's got to be a reason...because it's not just some stupid kid show. It's entertaining for all. I love the characters. I wish it was rated TV-PG though so that they could do more with it, but as long as more episodes keep coming, I'm happy.
Adult Written byDexterSmith April 9, 2008

Life with Derek

Sexual Content (Pause): Skimpy outfits, flirting, and kissing. A teenage boy is reluctant to take down a poster of a half-naked woman, and one episode revolves around a sexually-based video game. Violence (Not an Issue): None. Language (Not an Issue): "Sucks" is occasionally uttered. Social Behavior (Pause): Lots of kniving and fighting among siblings. Commercialism (Not an Issue): None. Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco (Not an Issue): None.