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Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead

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age 17+


Terible, very very poor medium using known tricks like cold reading, avoid
age 18+


Kids get bombarded by many media idea's . Let them be kids.. and let the dead bury the dead. And if people quote the bible.. then they should also live by ALL the bible... (do you wear tousles on your clothes) PS.. I am a christian, with a brain
age 2+

Lisa Williams is in very dangerous territory

No one can communicate with the dead. Lisa Williams is channeling her answers through demonic sources, known as "familiar spirits". These spirits are familiar with people who have died, and transmit very accurate facts about that dead person to the channeler (Lisa). The dead themselves are not and cannot communicate. It is very dangerous to use such methods, since Lucifer himself is the source of such deceptions. I hope this explanation will help you avoid such people. Lisa herself likely believes that she is actually communicating with the dead. Hopefully she will soon understand her deception and refrain from such activities.
age 17+


your brilliant and your show