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What goes on in CA

I am an avid watcher. Do not agree with everything but most decisions. The last minute choices they have to make is hard to judge unless you are in situation My thoughts are what the heck is with these California areas. Every week is shootings, bank robberies, gun whipping at tax office. No other states have crime like this. Truck got shot and he had a baby seat right in his back seat. I have no idea why people want to live there.
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S4 Episode 27

This occurred in Terre Haute, IN Cops are wrong for escalating the situation. Kid has freedom of speech and was walking away. Cop went after him and they escalated the entire situation by handcuffing most of the family. Cops are out of control here and should be sued.

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Great messages
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Do not allow drunk driving exception

I'm currently watching your show live PD where you're a gentleman had pulled into his driveway the officer pulled up behind him what's a gentleman if you had been drinking and driving that he had gotten complaints about him being all over the road and almost hitting someone I understand that there was no evidence of the police officer seen the gentleman Drive budget in the United States many many people are arrested before they are proven innocent or guilty there are many crimes that people are arrested for that the police officers did it did not actually view happen I understand that there was no evidence of the police officer seen the gentleman drive but in the United States many many people are arrested before they are proven innocent or guilty there are many crimes that people are arrested for the the police office did it did not actually HBU happen and when it comes to drinking and driving there's should never ever ever be a reason why a person is not arrested and given some consequences whether or not that officer saw them drinking or not it is the number one killer in the world and showing that on TV is not right and if it was any other form of drug that person would have gotten searched. Should of been searched for open container
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Salinas ca(relentless barking)

I dont know how you can hear each other over that dog!and so long.really?when you bunch up all tactical I think you are suposed 2 be swifter so bad guys dont mow you all down.looked silly.that dog needs 2 be trained 2 shut up!I love live but you ruin it.gonna stop watching!and the cop in Florida with "goodboy"high pitched 100 times,cannot forget him.
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Disgusting professionalism.

I have 2 former police officers in my family, and they are just as disgusted at this show as I am. While the scenarios are semi-realistic, the actions of the police officers are unprofessional, antagonistic, and violate quite a few laws along the way. One episode shows a drunk woman calling the cops about her child being locked in the car, when there is no child to begin with. Long story short, she gets into arguements with the cops, and she even gets into a physical altercation with them as well. The cops were taking advantage of her drunkenness, and forced her to self-incriminate. All the while, rarely staying on topic of investigating the situation. Second, when she got into a physical altercation with them, they were calling her all sorts of derogatory names....which I wont list here for politeness. Overall, we already have a growing disrespect for men and women of the law, and then this show shows the worst of the worst for unprofessionalism and disrespectful cops. Watch this show as an adult KNOWING that this is fake, but dont let your children watch without fully informing them that this is NOT how properly trained officers act.

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Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
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Waste of time

This is so obviously fake. The police are acting for the cameras. There's no cop that I've ever met that talk so friendly to a suspect. I saw a show on 3-16-19 where a cop went to the store where a shoplifter stole socks and paid for them. Seriously? No cop in this world would do that if he didn't have a camera on him. Ridiculous. Turn the channel.
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I don’t think this should be on TV at all , police officers sit here and use excessive force in Salinas county , even with it being recorded they still do things that shouldn’t be done st all .

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Too much violence
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Exellent teaching tool!

This show provides an exellent chance to teach your kids how to interact with police.How to communicate and behave.Don't argue(that's for court),don't call names(that is disrespectful),do exactly what the officer tells you immediatley(and nothing else),be truthful(not dodgy)and it may just work out for you.

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Great role models
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Legal gang

I think it’s a good show if you wanna see racial profiling and cops not upholding there oath to uphold the constitution I watch people’s rights get ignored This show is a perfect example of cops thinking there above the law and they don’t get held accountable how can bully’s protect and serve
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I just want to give my opinion. I really like this show, but I get tired of Dan Abrams going to a break or to another story right in the middle of a curent story getting good. It is VERY annoying. He will switch from an exciting chase to an argument or a door being left open in a parking lot. We never know the end result of the big story nor do we get to see the action. A RV with the door left open is not anything interesting. Enough of the cutting at the end of the event and let us see the end result. I am happy they are coming out with other shows that do not have Dan Abrams in them and we do get to see the end results of every situation. I will be watching those more.