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Okay for teens

I don't think there's anything really wrong with it. There was one instance where they were talking about Lindsay supposedly having some sort of... sex video that was leaked, but that proved to be false... the image was blurred out and there isn't really any sexual anything other then that one thing. As for pictures of Lindsay being everywhere, that's to be expected and she is a part of their family even she doesn't appear on the show.
age 8+


This show is really good! I could not ever stop watching it! It show how diffrent Lindsay and Ali are diffrent and also show how ali's life is going with all of this drama in her life! i hope the make season 2!
not rated for age


At first this show was really interesting. But when they got to Vegas to start recording Ali's album it got a bit boring and I lost interest. However, this is not a bad show at all. There is practically no language. Sometimes Ali will say sucks but that is really the extent of it. Sexual content is iffy but they never actually talk about it. This is what I would call a good attempt at a family show. It's really okay for anyone 11 and up.
not rated for age

lol ali is a brat

I am addictid to this show. i dont like lindsey, but i love her familey. The show is an excuse to look into a different culture, see the rich folk.ok everyone in the familey is a brat. tht is my warning. they r bigggggg brats. But as an american im ganna call this show entertaining. great for 13 year olds.
not rated for age


On various interviews (like The View, or Letterman, Dina and Ali said Lindsay would not be in the show. Lindsay has a huge part in the show. While not appearing, the first episode is centered around her. This show is basically a commercial for her and her sister, but it is entertaining to watch what fools they can make out of themselves.
not rated for age

I think thsi shows great but not the mom

This show seems a little planned out at times because sometimes their mouths are moving but there not talking. Overall I think this is a great show and I dont think this is a bad influence. In the episode mean girls they have a good message but there are bad words. Still i think a 12 year old could watch and understand it. I really like ali lohan but the mom is not good. She didnt come home from a party when she found out their was a fire, gas leak in the house! And that is not a postive message when her daughter has ashtma.