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What shocked me was Season 3 ep. 6 an officer searching the breasts of a woman in county jail with a half grin on his face. Women should search womens bodies not men. The woman was screaming out feeling violated the way he was feeling her up and it certainly made me feel like I witnessed an assault on the woman from the officer. I couldn't watch anymore as I lost any respect for the officers.
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I watch these prison/jail reality shows and 99.999% of the inmates in these shows always claim to be innocent. Yeah right, law enforcement is so inept that they almost never bust the right person. Besides that, all of the inmates on those shows keep complaining about how bad being incarcerated is. Well, jails were never made to be some sort of vacation spot. If being incarcerated is so bad, why do they keep on doing things to get themselves incarcerated? It's like the old saying, "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime." In essense, these shows serve no purpose other than to provide a platform for those lowlifes to jave a very undeserved voice.
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Awesome show. Watch it all the time with my kid to show him life behind bars is harder than most people think. I know from past experiences that prison is the last thing anybody should ever want in their life. A life in prison is worse than death itself.