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Long Island Medium

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Long Karen Island Medium

I found a Karen!

This title has:

Too much consumerism
age 2+

Theresa Caputo is awesome

Hilarious, moving, sweet, and sad are the words that describe this show...

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
age 9+

Good show

I don't know why others don't like this, it is a good show. It's not meant to be funny, and it's not inappropriate, this is a just a show about a medium, it's not for everyone though. There's never really any sex related stuff, except maybe a few mentions during readings, that kids wont probably get, there is very limited swearing, only in one episode I have watched does she or anyone swear and it was bleeped out. There is some drinking of wine, and sometimes reading of people who died that smoked. There actually is some violence although it isn't shown and there's no gore, I remember an episode where she channeled someone who was viciously murdered by their boyfriend, kids might get scared by that, you might want to watch an episode before letting your kids watch it, if they wouldn't be affected by that, or they wouldn't understand don't bother, there's never any gore shown on screen, just talked about mildly.
age 7+

Not for Christians

No christian families should ever see this show. She is a medium, and according to the Christian Bible, mediums shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.
age 11+

Really good!

Interesting and fun to watch. It made me a believer.