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Making a Murderer

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Fascinating Documentary a MUST Watch!

This is better than the OJ trial. Guilty or innocent? Makes for great conversation and research. Join the conversation and get involved more with your local justice officials. I want to go to Law school after watching.
age 18+

Making a Murderer Review

This documentary takes a very deep, and sometimes dark, look at a case we may never have all of the answers to. It is very well made and produced, and works to be very truthful and balanced when it comes to telling the story of Steven Avery. It’s very obvious that the creators wanted to present all of the facts- good and bad- to allow the viewers to decide what to think without being swayed one way or the other. There are moments of foul language and recounting stories of immorality, but it’s never used as a ploy to get ratings or a reaction. It’s simply a part of this true story. This being said, the creators also do an excellent job at remembering that this is a true story, by showing respect and dignity to the deceased victim and her family, as well as to the man who may or may not be guilty of murdering her. While the documentary can be very dark at times, it leaves you with a sense of hope that the truth will be brought to light and justice will prevail.
age 16+

Really good, but really dark

As any murder story goes, the documentary is a dark one. However, being a documentary, every detail is actually real, which make the already gory details even worse to hear. There is strong language, including f*** and s***, as well as references to alcohol abuse. TV-14 does not cover the swearing and descriptive violence. TV-MA is more suitable.

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