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not rated for age

Non-Professionals exploit vulnerable people

I wasn't surprised to see Dr. Phil's name in the biographies of the people running Marriage Boot Camp. This is nothing more than a watered down EST or Landmark Forum for troubled married couples. Non-professionals (therefore no accountability nor skill) are exploiting these vulnerable people. I would like to see TLC, one of my favorite channels, drop this from their listings.
not rated for age

Marriage Camp has my heart

I love the non-traditional approach to counseling in this show. I worry that the directors are not qualified, but it appears that the couples find the solutions they want. I found myself wrapped up in their issues and more involved than a normal reality show. I'm not sure it would be good for kids to watch.
not rated for age

Finally Real Reality

Finally a reality show that follows real people going through a real situation. The show is the Boot Camp and not a made for TV series. I found myself tearing up and laughing during the show. But I also learned some cool things to apply towards my marriage.
not rated for age

Of Course I Loved It

As one of the director's of the Marriage Boot Camp, I can say that the content of the Marriage Camp is not for children. Emmett Beam conducts a related program called, Teen Boot Camp, and he deletes the games and drill related to life and death decisions. Children are not ready for this and should not be exposed to some of the circumstances.
not rated for age

Shady people taking advantage of vulnerable people

Reading the biographies of the program facilitators, it was not surprising to see Dr. Phil's name come up - and Thelma Box's. What disturbs me is the self-disclosure of painful experiences on the part of boot camp participants. This is straight out of the old EST and Landmark Education large group awareness training programs. Dr. Phil copied his own program after these back in the 80s. Forced emotional breakdowns do not mean there will be a transformation. Much of the "emotion" felt during these public self-disclosures have little to do with healing and a lot to do with manipulation. I'm disappointed that TLC fell for this.