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Mischievous tot's antics delight in Russian-inspired series.
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Parent of a 1 and 3-year-old Written byjcival October 28, 2016

Too passive Aggressive

As a mom, and as a psychologist I don´t like this program because no one likes the little girl, and the other animal hide from her, showing that your “friends” can be mean to you because you are annoying. I think this type of conducts produce a negative example for your kid. Although is very funny and my kids laugh a lot.
Parent of a 2-year-old Written byAriana C. November 16, 2016

Not in my house.

I have noticed this show on Netflix and finally gave it a try this evening with my daughter. She loved the show and was fixated on it but I however was NOT a fan of the little girls behavior. She had no manners, and was out of control. While I understand kids aren't perfect and this child was supposed to represent a child I still cannot seem to see this girls behavior as a good example for my daughter. Shes at that age where she is mimicking what she sees and the last thing I need is her acting like this.
Parent of a 3-year-old Written byMandiJdeR December 22, 2016

Warning, rude little girl approaching!

This is not for the "monkey see-monkey do" age group. Masha likes to get her way quite a bit, and her only disciplinarian is a bear. My daughter copied Masha perfectly, her beautiful manners went flying out the window and was replaced with "Now! Now! Gimme gimme gimme!!!" Suffice to say, no longer played in our house anymore.

Though whilst it's not good for littlies, it'd be good for older kids who understand that she's being naughty and can discuss why she's behaving like that.

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Parent Written byjadem1 December 15, 2017

I love this show

I love masha and the bear, my daughter has been watching it sence she was 1 years old. she loves it too. I also love the little girl, i think all the parents who wrote in their reviews about all their dislikes about the little girl are stuck up and probably like to blame others for their childs bad behaviors, " My little Timmy? no no, he would never, its that bad little girls fault from the cartoon! ". She acts out just like every child and she always has to suffer the consequences. It shows and teaches children that there are always consequences for their actions, the humerous, bright cartoon as been our favorit for years ( my daughter is 4 now). there are lots of touching moments throughout the episodes, masha learns responsibility, ethics, and right from wrong. The bear guids her like a father figure, its a very beautiful cartoon.

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byLittlefairy22 March 27, 2016


It's an adorable, sweet, funny and cute animation! It's appealing to all ages, even adults too! It's colourful and bright and the animation itself is beautiful. Masha is very mischievous and always getting into trouble much to the bears annoyance but you can see they both share a special bond and he cares for Masha very much. A very good series :)
Adult Written byAshmarhud October 1, 2019

Uhmmm WHAT

Not only is masha a brat, but there’s so many things in the show that are not okay??? The 2 wolves force feed a rooster over the fire. And then when masha burnt the food she repeatedly said “whack, timeout” as she mimicked smacking herself/bear. What crazy nonsense is that?!? Totally not okay to be in a kids show to teach hitting.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byBstello March 6, 2019

Bad influence

Don’t be fooled, the art is cute but the behaviors are not. Masha is a menace and not to be imitated. There’s little educational value in this show. S1E2 had a disturbing nightmare sequence with Masha terrorizing wolves. The wolf wakes up to Masha trying to anally inject medicine. Seriously?! This is a hard pass for me.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byBebby811 January 30, 2019

Bad behavior, bad solutions to problems

I let my son watch this starting about 3 YO and I had to make him stop bc I saw the show present bad ideas as potential solutions to problems. I vaguely remember Masha putting another child younger than her in the refrigerator, which kids have done in real life and killed the baby they were babysitting. Stuff like that. I don’t feel like we need to provide bad ideas to children that could cause harm in real life bc they do not think things through as adults. Masha is also very rude and bratty and when kids are in the mimicking age they pick up on this fast! Even if she suffers consequences once in awhile, I don’t think little children connect the dots like we do, they just think acting that was will be a way to get what they want. I tried giving it a second chance (son now 4 and a half) and the first episode had her faking sick so she wouldn’t have to go to school.. great I’m already trying to break him into the idea of school and now he pretends to be sick all the time to get his way. I know kids will get clever on their own but do they really need bad influences giving them these bad ideas and behaviors?? How about a show with a role model for once!! Idk who would like their kid watching this? Even most people that rated it highly said they know Masha is a bad example and then they justified it anyways. Blows my mind.
Parent of a 5 and 5-year-old Written byFlyingJewels January 2, 2019

Taught my daughter annoying behavior

Title of my review says it all. My daughter learned a few really annoying habits from this show. She is 5. She started watching it when she was 4. I can thank, “I’m bored” one thousand times a day for this show. The little girl on here is a brat. She gets into trouble and does mischievous things. I don’t recommend at all.
Parent of a 3 and 4-year-old Written byAshley H. May 1, 2018

If you like bratty and mischevious kids...

This show is one of the worst shows I've seen. My kids usually have good taste, but I just can't let them watch this anymore. They only want to watch it, and the whole thing just drives me crazy. First off, the little girl is incredibly mischevious. Shes a brat, she lies, she makes messes constantly, she's self centered, and she's constantly leaving her house in the middle of the night to go do 'whatever's in the woods. "Bear" is clearly depressed. I feel bad for him, and I'm so annoyed at the little girl for being so disruptive. Haha. No, but the show is banned from my house now. At some point we strayed too far from educational or emotionally intelligent television, and this show was an eye opener to get back to quality TV time.
Adult Written byBo B. February 25, 2018


The little girl is a brat and it doesn't teach kids a thing. Do not recommend
Adult Written bySmirf B. November 20, 2017

Quite bad

Though I am not a parent and do not have a child's perspective I do know that my kid self would have hated this show after watching looney toons, this show is actually quite poorly animated and sends a lot of awful messages. The shadows and lighting will get messed up a lot because they didn't put much time into making a good model for Masha, in fact I have even done better from a couple days of work with lighting and animating, the first episode's animations actually made me a bit irritated because of the laziness. Masha constantly defies the bear with no consequence or punishment which can send the wrong messages to children due to the bear seeming like a caring parent/adult who always let's Masha do what she wants. I wouldn't recommend this to any child, just let your kids watch the old stuff.
Parent of a 3 and 4-year-old Written byStephany M. June 13, 2017

Horrible show-Gives children a bad sense of entitlement

My 4 year old niece watches this show but it's a horrible show for kids especially girls. Masha is a spoiled mean little girl who practically bullies Bear into getting whatever she wants, she thinks she deserves everything and anything. My niece has started acting like Masha and asking for everything and acting as if she deserves everything like Masha. The show also shows Masha annoying Bear constantly and he seems very irritated by her and in one episode even tries to get rid of her because she is so annoying. And I'm a few episodes she never leaves Bear to do his own business like bother him constantly. To me it sends a bad message to young girls. The only great role model is Bear who delivers and takes responsibility for Mashas actions. Also MASHA IS A RUDE BRAT. She has no manners at all, and no one seems to like her at all in the show (the animals hide from her or roll their eyes when she comes or calls) they need to change her behanvior and make her less annoying and more seeet. I've only ever seen her sweet about one minute the rest of the show is her being rude and annoying

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Violence & scariness
Parent Written byAlondra M. November 18, 2016

Bad influence

It's a nice cartoon with different animals. But most of the time the little girl Masha is being a brat, badly behave, and disobeys. Unless your child is old enough to understand to not act in that behavior than they shouldn't watch the show or else this can be a bad influence on them.
Parent of a 2, 2, and 5-year-old Written byNatasa H. August 5, 2016

Best family fun

We have 3 kids (son age 5.5 and twin dauthers age 2) and all together we enjoy our Masha and the Bear cartoon time. Masha seems to be like any curios and playful kid and "poor" bear....we as parents understand him compleatly...desparete for some peace, silence, time just for himself. Animation is perfect, and ideas and scripts for every episode is great! We love it!

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byDaddyWade May 20, 2020

Really fun, creative show

This is great entertainment for a child. For those who say it teaches bad lessons I would ask you to step up your parenting game. It’s your job to teach respect and behaviour, not a tv show. Stop just parking your children in front of the tv and ignoring them. Talk to them. Be with them. Don’t blame entertainment for your own shortcomings.

As for the show itself, it does have a good message for kids. Use your imagination and solve problems. Don’t always be afraid but be brave.
Adult Written byMakayla1112 August 8, 2019

Bad behavior, violence, and bad habits

At first I thought the show was adorable. My little girl had manners, respect, etc until we watched this show. She now acts like the little girl. Rude, disrespect, back talking, etc. I do not recommend this to children 2 and up. This show I feel shows animal abuse, showing kids bad habits, etc. I do not like this show anymore, and will stop my little girl from watching this.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byLilahbee July 31, 2019

Masha is spoiled brat..

At first I didn’t pay much attention to this show. My daughter was pretty obsessed with it on Netflix and at first glance it seemed like a harmless show. But when my daughter’s sweet, polite self started displaying entitled and bratty behavior I had to find the source of the problem. I realized that Masha and the Bear is a show based on a little girl who is being “raised” by a bear in the woods. This little girl does what she wants and the bear is just passive to the bad behavior. She practically runs the house in the show and there is no lesson to be had about her bad behavior. The bear always ends up in agony by the end of the show and Masha simply gets her way. My daughter is at the mimicking age and began copying this behavior. I immediately blocked this show on Netflix and have forbidden it from being watched on tv. My daughter watches Cleo and Cuquin now.
Adult Written byAiHPOS March 24, 2019

I say give it a try.

I’m trying to understand the other parents that have negative comments on this show. Yes, Marsha acts like a brat, but most kids her age do. I think her acting will not identify or educate my child. I raise my kid with my values and what she watches is not who is will become. Imagine if that’s the mentality we live by? Then our kids will be violent and self centered. TV is just that, I will recommend that you intoducte as entertainment and not as a way of learning. TV will not make your children spoil, your actions will and the way you handle things.

Marsha and The Bear is a show that is very entertaining. Marsha has a very good vocabulary for her age and it’s a very hands on “let me
Help you” type of kid. Which is pretty normal for that age range. Bear is very patient but he gets annoyed by Marsha quite a bit. More like a brother or younger family member will rather than a parent. He is very nice and makes sure Marsha learns her lessons.
The other animals sometimes hide from her because of her being so hands on. But most of the time they like her. I

It’s a fun show and easy to understand. Not a learning show or use it as an example of your values.

If you are American, this show might not be a good fit. The education/lessons bear uses to teach Marsha are more Hispanic/European. Just an FYI.
Adult Written byMarryPadilla October 31, 2018

Bratty annoying character

I babysit kids and one of them wanted to watch this so I watched it with them. My god this show is horrible bratty character animation is pretty lacking too. The little girl Masha is bratty i think caillou better watch out.

It’s weird how fixated kids are on this show the kids I watched were glued to the screen