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An old fashioned scrime show.

This is a great court drama about a defense lawyer named Ben Matlock. He may be a little grumpy and charges 100 Grand for a case, but he is worth every penny. The language is extremely tame compared to the crime shows of today. The only words that are used regularly are "h-ll and d-mn." The violence is a little bloody, but it's never gratutious. My only real concern is the sexual content of some episodes. One episode takes place in a strip club. In another episode a man is passionately kissing a woman and and later are shown in bed together. And so on. The innocent are exonarated and the guilty are punished. Although this is a tame crime show, most kids won't be interested in this show. So simply put, almost anyone that would want to see it, can see it. Just be warned of the occasional sexual content.

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It's a good show, pretty tame. Kids might get bored with it, though. My daughter used to watch it when she was a toddler.