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Mighty Express

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age 3+

It’s boring and everyone hates it

My 3 year old baby brother watches this. It is really boring and everyone in the house hates it, but he loves it. It’s full of color and detail and has good problem solving skills but other than that, nothing really educational. It seems like it’s just for the money. It’s pretty disappointing. But it might just be my age 😐
age 2+

Okay show for toddlers

This is a lot like paw patrol for even younger kids who like trains. Easy and quick story lines. There are much better shows for two year olds as this one is fast paced.

This title has:

Great messages
age 4+

Faster-paced Paw Patrol

Similar story structure to Paw Patrol but a little faster paced.

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
age 5+

Waaay too fast

This show doesn’t have much apparent educational value and it’s so fast paced, even I felt a little unnerved! I see the appeal since it is about trains, but it’s simply too jammed packed. I dare say I prefer Paw Patrol to this.