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I watch this and I’m 14 and it’s really funny any age can watch this show! The raccoons try pulling pranks on mike but mike try’s to stop them and the white dog named iris has a crush on mike and sometimes mike imagines stuff with her but nothing inappropriate just funny and kids would laugh at it to! And the turtles are funny to and the cat

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age 4+

This show is good to watch but it is not good for teenagers to watch but kids up to 4 or 5 only
age 7+

Mighty Mike never gets old.

Love this show! I first watched it on the Toggolino network at a hotel in Amsterdam! Cute characters, original slapstick humor, and great animation. Mike is a refined pug with sophisticated tastes. Every morning, he wakes up with one thing on his mind - how to impress the neighbour’s elegant dog Iris. Sadly, his plans never work out as a bunch of interfering mischievous racoons, turtles and a kitten have a surprising knack for showing up at the worst possible moments, dragging Mike into a series of unforeseen calamities! Ratings: None of them so far! Suitable for kids 7 and up.

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age 9+

i think that the fact it have stuff like feelings it should have been for a kid at least 9 and plus