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age 12+


This shit is the best shit on television, created by Harvard graduates Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein. The humor is great and is very smart, just like the duo's previous work on seasons 7-8 of The Simpsons. These stupid dweebs who keep complaining about this are missing the very subtle complexities of these very thought-provoking jokes and themes. The art style of the show is reminiscent of underground comics from the late 90's/early 2000's, with its thick lines and bright neon colors. The show also has a strong voice cast including, Wallace Langham, Scott Menville, and the great Tom Kenny. Speaking of which, the characters in the show are also very likeable and have funny moments. The brothers Andy and Kevin are the two main characters who have a very hateful relationship with each other. Andy is a typical 2000's slacker, and Kevin is the smart one with dreams of attending Yale University. The two constantly bicker and argue with one another but it's always shown that the two actually do care for each other and are willing to help one another in any situation. The supporting cast is just as, if not, better. Characters such as Jim who is Andy's best friend, and the gay couple Gus and Wally who are easily the best characters on the show. The show is set in an urban city environment similar to many other obscure cartoons such as MTV's Downtown. This show deserves more praise than it usually gets, it's smart, innovative, and easily one of the best pieces of animation on television, right up there with classic Simpsons. So please give it a watch, the episodes can be found on YouTube with the exception of the second episode which has been taken down for some odd reason. I should also point out, no it's not for kids, the themes and humor include very adult situations and a few not so safe sentence enhancers are included but it's not as raunchy as Family Guy or South Park. Personally I think it's best for Kids aged 12+. Recommended Episodes: Ep1: "The Douchebag Aspect" Ep8/9: "Unemployment: Parts 1-2" Ep13: "Plan 9 from Mission Hill"

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Great messages
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age 11+

Boring, dull, and strictly tween-boy humor.

I really don't believe anyone over the age of 13 will enjoy this show. Tween boys will laugh their heads off, cuz, y'know, dirty jokes. Content's sorta iffy, but again, the humor appeal.
age 14+

pretty good.

it's not bad. could be better
not rated for age

A funny show!!! but kinda old

even though this show is funny parents should make sure what their kids watch is something they don't mind their kids seeing and this show is kinda old just 4 the record and is for adults and kids about 10 and over who know what their watching