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Poignant but humorous take on refugees making their lives in America

The realistic plight of refugees coming to America is portrayed in an engaging, heartfelt way, laced with humor. So many moments are so much deeper than what they seem, and viewers can learn a lot from watching. The star is also the author so it is autobiographical. The cast is diverse and based in the city where he grew up, Houston (the most diverse city in the US), so it is very realistic. One thing parents should know and the reason I rated the age higher is that, besides some of the mature topics refugees deal with, like torture (before they left Kuwait), quite a few scenes happen in a strip club, and scantily clad girls are shown (no nudity though). I would increase the sex rating Common Sense has given as a result. It feels like whoever did their review/rating hasn’t watched the show because there is no mention of this.

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