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MonsterQuest Review

Monster Quest is a documentary series that tries to reveal the existence of cryptids. Rating: TV-PG, TV-14 (only 2 episodes) Violence: Although the violence in Monster Quest is mostly moderate, it can vary. In the episode "Cattle Killers", there are disturbing pictures of carcasses of livestock. In another episode called "Killer Chimps in America" shows attacks on humans by chimpanzees with deadly results. Profanity: Occasional swearing such as "d*mn" "h*ll" and other mild words. Other: This show is educational and provides viewers with a good description of an alleged cryptid. Viewers also learn about Science as well.

This title has:

Great messages
Too much violence
age 8+


This rocked its so cool I loved it
age 9+


I like it. But I think that some of it maybe a little scary for kids but I love it
age 7+

One word: Interesting.

When I first watched this, I was very well intrigued by how it pulled me in from start to finish, making me ask all these questions. MonsterQuest focuses on cryptids and other similar paranormal subjects. It's an informative documentary and is highly entertaining, but always leaves you hanging, which adds a little more to the mystery of each subject. If you're interested in these things, like me, it's a must.
age 7+


I have believed this stuff existed for so long! Now the world can see that these creatures may exist! Still, the show is really entertaining, and it is good for science and history lessons. Sometimes they do leave you hanging, but hey, that's life. Mabye one day they'll catch something! Godd for all ages!
age 8+

Good show!

This show is very interesting as well as educational. The only bad thing is the lack of real video footage of the monsters. Alot of episodes end up with the team empty handed, but it is still fun.
age 8+

For at least 8+

I like it because it has moderate but not too much violence. Mild language. I've only seen two (the one with bigfoot and the one with chewbacca) Overall, IT'S AWESOME

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
not rated for age

i like this its on my list!

this is soooo cool i think you should wach it if you beliv or dont belive becus it has evidins for its real and evidfinc for its not real its sooo cool how thay have both!this might be scary for youngsters hehehe