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Adult Written bycyntelaine66 April 9, 2008

Most Evil is a Must See

I love this show. I think it's a fascinating blend of the most common questions asked when dealing with someone that society labels as "evil" - nature or nurture or both. Whether he's discussing someone of widespread notoriety such as Charles Manson or Ted Bundy or lesser known people like Mary Beth Tinning and Diana Dial, Dr. Stone chooses to do as complete a background check as possible before deciding where to place people on his "Scale of Evil". Please look beyond the title and listen to the science - it is very rewarding, I assure you.
Adult Written bybloomdepp April 9, 2008


I love the show I think it is really intresting and I look forward to more.
Adult Written bydgould November 1, 2009

Putting the blame where it belongs

I really enjoy watching this show it is very informative. I do have a problem however with people not being held responsible for thier own actions. It is always someone elses fault.( cults, parents, clergy, voices inside thier heads.) I do understand that thier are many pyschological and physical reasons people do the things that they do but to not hold them responsible, to give them an out so that they can continue to blame someone else. It prevents them from being able to understand that what ever they did was not the persons fault and to own the actions they decided to take as thier own and truly be able to live thier lives on thier own terms.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Adult Written byjpeterson April 9, 2008

a mixed emotion

i would like to say that the show was very enlightening for the most part but i had to tend to disagree with many of the assumptions made about why a person kills i am a psychology major and i would like to make my assumptions known all of these pychologist think they know the answers but the fact that remains is that if they did know the answers these people would have easier to catch the truth is that these people learn from what they see you make it easier for them to try to get away with it... thank you
Adult Written byMRS.BRIDGETS April 9, 2008
Adult Written bybigeyes April 9, 2008

I loved it

very interesting,most evil is my favorite show on tv.
Adult Written bymexijap34 April 9, 2008

Great for Psychology Majors