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Sad to See One Season

I guess this show was just before its time because I had just seen it for the first time the other day only to find out that it came out in 2013 for only one season. I feel that if Hulu were to bring it back in 2019 or 20 that it would be received much better. It’s a hilarious half hour break from reality that will make you feel like a great mother.
age 13+

It Normal

I Feel Like People Need To Relax. You Already Watched It And That All They Need Whether You Like It Or Not. It Not That Funny But It Do Have Humor If You Can Spend 20+ Mins To Watch It. When Mom Have Kids They Lose Class And Can't Have Fun When They Need Too. Rudi Still Got Hers. What Do Want To See Shaggy Mom Eating Baby Food With Her Kids For The Rest Of Their Life. That A Nice Show
age 18+

Mother UP needs to go!

My opinion is that we do not need yet another show that sends negative messages to kids or adults. This show also has subtle messages of child abuse in the form of neglect and abandonment. There are so many kids who are being abused, abandoned and neglected, they do not need to see it on TV. We have enough adults in real life who are setting negative examples for kids with smoking, drinking, foul language etc. It needs to stop.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 15+

Ok just not funny

Well I didn't even watch a whole show of this but it seemed so stupid that I didn't feel I had to to know how dumb this show is its just not funny please save yourself the pain and don't watch