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Muppets Haunted Mansion

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This movie was way darker than expected. I trusted the muppet brand, a PG rating and Disney+. Lesson learned. This movie terrified my 8, 6, and 4 year olds. It was moderately funny for the grown ups. Some of the cameos were funny, but overall this was a weak effort. The new voice of Kermit sounds shockingly different. My 8 year old has tons of questions about all of the bride’s dead husbands. We turned this off 3/4 of the way thru.

This title has:

Too much sex
age 5+

Fun for the whole family

My husband and I enjoyed it, as did our four-year-old and six-year-old. Obviously, a lot of the content was lost on the four-year-old, but he really enjoyed seeing the Muppets "in" a ride he was familiar with.
age 6+

If you're a Muppets and Halloween fan, you NEED to watch this! :)

Love this special! The songs are great and the spooky atmosphere is perfect! It has both the humour of the Muppets and the excitement of Halloween! Perfect for the whole family! Highly recommend it! :)
age 6+

Good level of scare

My 6 year old, who has a moderate tolerance of scary things, was very comfortable with this one. Even requesting the soundtrack to be played after watching it. Most of the really creepy things went over her head, and Gonzo’s attitude of laughing off the gore helped as well. We have been to Disneyland and The Haunted Mansion was one of her favorites so were were able to talk about the connections. We will definitely watch it again on her request.
age 5+

Movie is as off as Kermit’s voice

This is a boring story with zero stakes, and will struggle to keep your kids’ attention. It sort of has good messages, but the experience is so tedious it will struggle to have an impact on you. One part of the movie (involving John Stamos) may be spooky and surprising enough to freak out younger kids.