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age 11+

Good for everyone who likes the paranormal

This Biography channel reality/documentary type show is fantastic! It focuses on everyday people that want to share their evidence of the paranormal and boy does this show deliver. I have never seen a ghost oriented show that gets this much evidence of the paranormal. The show usually has on 4-5 guests that narrate their ghost story and they also show the evidence they captured. I have seen everything from orbs to full bodied apparitions on this show. Now as for the content, this show may scare younger kids. Some of the stories on this show involve demons, frightening pictures and they often deal with gruesome deaths of the people that may be haunting these locations. The show also features mild obscenities like "what the hell" and "pissed off", stronger words are said less often but they are bleep out. This show can definitely scare younger kids, so parents should watch with their kids. Fans of paranormal-type shows will definitely want to look into this show.

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