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My Gym Partner's a Monkey

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age 8+

20 out of 10 stars

It looks breathtaking, the jokes are funny, the story is amazingly original and it's not just a big ad. But this anime is really good and big chungus says he likes dinosaurs. The reason I put too much consumerism because this review is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends, Honey and Nord VPN. Test them out and they have 0 viruses, I promise.

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Too much consumerism
age 11+

This is a good show.

This show is hilarious! I watched it once and I couldn't stop laughing!
age 7+

My Gym Partner's a Monkey is a terrible show on cartoon network and it must be avoided at all costs. It's even cartoon network's version of Cat Scratch, which is also terrible.

My 2nd review after: "Donkey Kong Country" Oh my god. This has got to be one of the worst shows ever to be created on cartoon network. What the heck is the point of this garbage?! I'm gonna tell you why it's so terrible. First of all, this show makes people think that autistic kids and monkeys are stupid freaks. Second of all, they're gonna replace the great shows like Camp Lazlo, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Dexter's Laboratory, and Powerpuff Girls off the air for stupid shows like this stupid monkey garbage. Third of all, what kind of stupid idiot would wanna watch a trashy, cheap fart joke telling, butt drumming, garbage eating, brainless show like this? It's about a dumb 12 year old boy named Adam, who got transfered to an animal school because Lyon was his last name. Also, he goes on pointless adventures with a horrible monkey, Jake. He's an idiot! I'd rather get tied up by a back of a bus and get droven away! I'm sorry, but this show deserves an F. Here's the results: Voice acting: D 2/5 Poor voice acting. The people who voiced the characters should get fired for replacing our good shows. Animation: F 1/5 The characters look stupid, goofy, and pukish. I just want to throw up all over the characters. Dialouge: F 1/5 Who the heck came up with these corny scripts?! When I see Jake talking about dumb stuff, I just want to stab his chest with a sword! Graphics: F 1/5 What the heck is this? It looks like a lame 1980's cartoon from the Hanna Barbera company title. Sound: E 2/5 One of the worst soundtracks ever to be made in a cartoon like this. Put the show on mute. It would be perfect if Robot Chicken made a spoof of this crummy garbage. Then we will be happy and laughing our butts off. My Gym Partner's a Monkey literally sucks ugly monkey butt. Lasting appeal: F 1/5 This show is so unoriginal and not worth your time. This show should burn in h***. Overall: F 1/5 This is a really stupid show on cartoon network. This series should end really quickly because it literally sucks ugly monkey butt. I don't know why I'm giving this 1 out of 5 stars. I wish I could give this 0 out of 5 stars. But, this is all I'm going to say about this terrible show. Good day to you!
age 18+

This Show Is Awful, Don't Bother Watching It

This show is poorly animated and poorly written. All the humor in this show is potty humor. There is nothing funny about. The concept of the show is stupid. How could a human possibly end up in a school for animals? Why didn't they get him out of there as soon as they noticed their mistake? Why is there even a school for animals if they all live in the zoo? The show has a poor plot and is completely pointless. Jake SpiderMonkey has a disgusting obsession with his butt. All the animals gang up on Adam and harm him on a daily basis. This show is just awful It's not for kids because it has no educational value and it has no entertainment value.Just don't bother with it.

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Too much violence
age 2+


HATE IT. After watching this show, I want to throw up. I don't understand how kids can laugh after seeing a monkey's butt. The show is stupid. Nuff' said.
age 5+

Failed to live up to Cartoon Network's prime

Camp Lazlo was probably Cartoon Network's last funny Show in populartiy of 2007 before CN schtick got old and dry. After having watched as many episodes of this poorly animated series, I feel sorry for the guy who made this. I think he's trying to recapture some of the old spark and falling flat. The show is based on parodies of other shows, movies,& video games most of the pariodies not funny, funny stuff having been done on Reelz Channel (TV about Movies) without relying on boob jokes, ass jokes, poop jokes and puke jokes. Nika Futterman and Tom Kenny add their voices to this travesty, as does Jess Harnell himself, reproducing the dual roles of Bear Student and Neardy Crockidle. Isn't worth watching, please skip it.
age 8+

Gross even by my standards.

I think a lot of the humor on this show is in bad taste, but I wouldn't mind that if I felt like kids just loved it. They don't.