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My Gym Partner's a Monkey

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The best moment is in the episode One Lump pr Tutor is when SpongeBob, Shrek and Obama build a epic Minecraft house
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The best!
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800-588-2300 EMPIRE

OH YES!!! I wish I can rate this 100 stars If I could. This show is way better than Norm of the North yes his low-budget movies and show with his stupid McDonalds' coffee. in fact I agree with the Norm of the North rants on YouTube. I have decided to put something more exciting which is this. This show made my 500 year old sister feast upon the gods because she is the goddess of the universe sadly she got coal for Christmas last year. Timmy, Jimmy, Kahlleigh and Susan loved this so much. Always for this show, 100 out of 10 stars. Anyways if you are a baby who was 1 second ago, the first thing you need to see this show. I agree with BigChungues and I want to know what Lebron12James3 thinks about this show. Please do me a favor and either throw your Norm of the North DVDs in the ocean, run over with a Fisher Price car or burn it. #NormOfTheNorthHaters *Stupid McDonalds' Coffee*
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Title says it all!
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Charli Grace D'Amelio is an American social media personality and dancer. She was a competitive dancer for over 10 years before starting her social media career in 2019.
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Meh, it's okay.

It's an okay show, I don't know about this one. Just because there's Tom Kenny in this show, doesn't mean it HAS to be another "best" show aside from SpongeBob. I mean, it's an underrated CN show and all, but to me, it's just cringe-worthy in all of its childish glory. Soundtrack and animation are okay, voice acting is meh. Butt and potty humor jokes are overused in this show. The overall series could use more work. I don't know why there would be a special as the finale. The writers could've cancelled the show in the last season and not add a special.
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Does toilet humor well.

This show is pretty good. Like Sanjay And Craig or Billy Dilley, it does gross-out humor well and not badly like Billy And Mandy. The show can get a bit mean at times, but it means well.

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Too much violence
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Ages 7 and up

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Hey People! A Kid's Show IS Targeted Towards Kids Not Teens!

I think its a good show for kids. Although if a parents sits and watches it they may not like it...... or may like it. Each show sneaks in a bit of adult content that will sneak past your kids mind. Now let me tell the parents what CSM should have mentioned, Violence-Almost None. The main character sometimes gets beaten up off-screen or gets beaten up onscreen but is blocked my all the smoke created while fighting(It's a cartoon.)The main character comes out of the fight with a purple eye ,swollen lips and a few bruises. It;s mainly too cartoony and not not in a graphic manner and you kid might laugh as when Jerry beats up Tom. Although there is one episode where the main character accidentally enters a root gold-bergs Machine and he is shown falling down onto the various parts of it and this time he gets his purple eye, swollen lips and bruises on-screen. Although it is in a cartoony manner, I personally felt sorry for him and when he finally gets out everyone laughs at him which is kind of cruel. Sex-A fair Amount.There is a lot of innuendo as in the pricipal shows a picture of his girlfriend (who is a frog like him.) wearing a bikini. A gorilla gets famous and in one scene he is shown in a hot tub with two other female gorillas who are wearing swim suits. There are a few more cases of innuendo which i may have missed out but it is very cartoony so your kid will not understand it but the parents may have a laugh. A giraffe has a crush with the main character and a lot of proof is shown as she flirts with him and also has a picture of him in a heart shaped frame. The main character tries to ignore her as he has a crush on a girl(who is a human like him.) from a human school and whenever they meet up he is extremely shy and does not know what to say. THIS your kid may understand. Also the main character's friend had an obsession with his butt and in almost all the episode he makes a joke about them and there is also an entire episode dedicated to it. Some kids may find this gross. Language-Kid Stuff. Jerk, Idiot, Stupid etc. Although in the opening intro song the main character is shown to be fed up with his animal school and he says that "This School Is A Pain In The-" Until he is cut off by his best friend who says "ADAM!". (Which is the main character's name.) And then Adam say "What? I Was Going To Say Neck." This indicates that maybe the word he wanted to use was ass. This will most probably go by you kids minds as it is a very fast sequence. Positive Messages And Role Models-Adam mostly tries to help his friends and is utmost patient with their annoying attitude but a very few times his temper is broken. Jake(Who Is His Best Friend.) tries to helps him but mostly makes fun of him and is not a very good role model.

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Great messages
Great role models
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Underrated as hell.

This show was awesome. Don't listen to the negative reviews. Just respect my opinion and i'll respect yours. If you disrespect my opinion, then to hell with your opinion. Anyways, I like the animation, humor, and everything.