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Adult Written byDraegur April 29, 2011

Ideal for All Ages--ALL ages. That includes you, too, moms and dads!

... Now, y'see, I grew up in the mid 90's. My entire generation was exposed to some of the best cartoons that ever existed--and of those best cartoons, we took the best material. Now it's my generation that's making the cartoons--and it thrills me to see that this is the result. I've gotta say... I didn't expect to enjoy this show at all, let alone so much! The messages are all positive, the lessons are valuable, the stories are enjoyable to follow, and the art style is lovely. I've never seen such a tasteful iteration of CUTE OVERLOAD in my life! Things less cute than this show have made me practically ill in the past--but somehow, this particular iteration of My Little Pony manages to do it with grace AND class.

I'd say that, despite being a show licensed BY a toy company FOR the marketing of toys, it actually has surprisingly (and refreshingly) little consumerism in it. You can practically tell that these animators and writers aren't rolling their eyes in disgust at their handiwork, but actually enjoying and loving what they do. They're in it for the story, and thanks to that, the story is top notch--whimsical and guileless though it may be. Rather than coming off as shallow, they've managed to give it a feel of honesty. I can't even quantify how incredibly much I respect that!

But enough praise for the the flaws that are missing--there's what's actually in there: Loyalty. Honesty. Integrity. Kindness. Generosity. Forgiveness. The cultivation of open minds. If I could have seen this show when I was a little kid, I bet I would have turned out far, FAR better adjusted than I did! Although it is obviously presenting the concept of friendship in a highly idealized fashion, it's still got the SOUL of it right. It still portrays friendship for what we all -wish- it could be.

The best part is, it's all portrayed hilariously, with a surprising capacity for self-awareness. It's as if the characters, on some level, KNOW how silly it all is, and have decided to embrace it with delight rather than scorn. There's something in it for all ages, if you only know how to look.

Watching this show, you have absolutely nothing to lose, and possibly even a good bit to gain. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOW, TO EVERYONE, even my twenty-something-year-old (and even MALE) friends XD

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Adult Written byexarian February 9, 2011

Lauren Faust likes the parents, too.

... And the male viewers stuck with their niece, and the girl's older brother. The show Puts forward strong, but believable role models that recognizes and respects the intelligence of the viewer, with strong characters and writing that is sometimes smarter than it has any business being. Do not compare this to any other My little Pony related media. It is completely different in nature, with writing focused on telling a story and creating solid characters than selling toys (for instance, the toys all come with a "pet" for each individual pony, and sometimes a limited edition pony... none of these are shoehorned into the show in order to hype the merchandise.) The series is by no means condescending to the target audience, not about their age or gender, as the show is very much feminist in nature. For instance, one female main character is in higher education, another is a skilled athlete, another is a hard working farmer, yet another owns and runs her own small business, and even the mayor of the town is female, while males are given just as much respect and are also shown holding similar jobs. Even stereotypically feminine livelihoods, such a seamstress, is depicted in a fairly mature way so as not to imply it is any less work than harvesting the farms crops. The role models are all strong, yet they are not "perfection shoved down your throat" strong. Like any other person, they all have their issues and problems that they work through as friends. Sometimes some charters are brash or ungrateful at times, but this is always clearly depicted as a flaw and is treated as such in a believable manner.
The grown ups in the audience will find the well written episodes and characters charming, as many that are far outside of the demographic have become fond of the show.

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Adult Written bysongbird125 November 22, 2011

Had to Take a Break from Ponyville

My 4 year-old daughter loves this show, but we have had to take a break. Yes, the show has some good messages about friendship and some strong female role models and this is all good. However, I found that my daughter was mimicking some of the ponies' bad behaviors ie. pointing and laughing at family members, which the ponies have done to each other in at least one episode. There are also some scary moments in some of the episodes. I don't think this show is appropriate for kids any younger than 5, given these "elements."

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byFluttershy Oakley August 4, 2011

This stuff is dangerous...

There's a reason I advise you caution before watching this or allowing anypony else to do so; after you have seen it, your life will be over. From the sheer quantity of adorable characters to the sheer quantity of adorable story-lines to the unfathomable brilliance of the script this "kids" programme will steal your heart. There are only two problems with it, the first being that there simply is is not enough of it. Secondly, it can cause you become entirely disenchanted with the world within which we live and makes you long to live in Equestria, where each day is filled with love and friendship, and most trials in life can be solved by utilising these key principles. Captivating songs, intricate character development and flawless animation style are but a few of the endless traits that make this a 10/10.
Of the mane cast it's hard to envision somepony who wouldn't be able to associate with and pick out a favourite before sitting entranced, allowing the experience of their lives washing over them before going to bed and living in dreams made of hope and wonderment.
To understand truly just how good it is, one may wish to understand some of the internet wars relating to this show. Those enrolled in the fandom tend to express themselves articulately, honestly and with a strong sense of moral centricity that those who disapprove seem to lack. When those in the anti-pony camp clash with bronies, the only negative point they seem to be able to invent is that because it's about colourful ponies it is lame. Awful argument, I hope you'll agree. Those who have joined the herd will counter with incitements of love, tolerance and courtesy in such vast proportions that it seems that all who have seen the show are imbued with greater abilities to cherish the beauty in life, such that previously they would have felt significantly less comfortable and inclined to do so.
In short, don't watch this programme if you: are scared by horses of the animated persuasion or feel irreversibly depressed whenever you experience joy of the highest calibre. Do watch it if you have any common-sense. I don't have children, but when I do (assuming the world hasn't imploded due to some kind of technological/ecological/economical crisis by then) this will be MANDATORY watching for them.
Honestly, those few who don't like it must be misanthropic demons who have some kind of inability to feel happiness.
But you decide, watch the first... 26 episodes, then if you don't like it then that's just fine.
Just fine.

You will like it though.

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Adult Written byMirtoy12 September 11, 2019

It is very nice but...

This is a very nice tv show for kids.I grew up with it.As a child I played with the toy characters from the serie.I was a big fan.This show teaches us a lot for friendship.The thing I want to say is that there is something that is a drawback.The show has six girls that are mane characters and best friends.At the last episode (it is leaked) that has not officialy air ,we see that two of the mane character and best friends stepping into a room as a couple.A kid does not understand it but it is still a little awful.I do not have a problem that the are girls both but this is a kid show.Andthe characters are mane .They are not supporting.And when I show it I was very akward.Ir ruined my childhood memories.If it can change ,it must change.It is horrible.

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Parent of a 2-year-old Written byCarling M. May 19, 2018

Catty and Mean. Terrible.

I just watch an episode called Fake it till you make it. Absolutely disgusting the messages. Mean girls...vanity and dark at times. The sarcasm and attitudes in the cartoon are disgraceful. Here we are trying to teach our kids to be nice and anti bullying...and this cartoon discredits all of this.
I watched my little pony original when i was a child and never remember this!!!!!!
I will not allow my daughter to watch this show. The attitudes of the characters are honestly something i would never want my daughter to mimic.
The vanity is awful. There is nothing about female empowerment in this show...i don't know where people see that from some of the comments.
Would not recommend.
Adult Written byShantess October 22, 2018

About friendships but.... depicts female friendships based on snobbery and cattiness. Whether they come together at the end is beside the point. My daughter is 5 and loves this show but I'm not impressed with some of the snotty attitudes of these ponies. I think 8 years + may start to better understand the full context and maybe gain some conflict resolution messages from it but not younger than that.
Adult Written byCheryl G. July 11, 2017

Bad attitude every time

My daughter is now 7 she has watched this show off and on for a year now. In that year I have had to ground her from watching this show because she has such a bad attitude after she watches it, it never fails. Today was the last time she will ever watch it. They might try to teach good lessons but my daughter is just picking up the bad attitudes that some of the ponies have had.
Adult Written byLoxiney December 20, 2015

"Jolly good show"

So yeah. I'm an adult (18 year-old male) and This is such a great show in my opinion. I love watching this, because I have problems with understanding spoken English. There are both American and British English in the show. It has catchy adventures, interesting creatures (ponies of course, but also some monsters and animals) and a lot of jokes which make me smile. There are also a couple of hilarious songs here. I love them :P Each episode has its own valuable messages, hardly violence, some nice adventures, a lot of humor and of course the best animation I've ever seen.

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Adult Written byTracyFB August 9, 2019

Bad influence

My 5 yo loves this show, and started watching it as her go to show a month ago. I have noticed she has been more disrespectful lately and finally realized that a lot of her new alarming behavior is likely coming from what she is seeing on this show. The ponies tend to be mean, catty, inconsiderate and whiny. The fact they teach a good lesson at the end does not make up for the awful behavior many of the characters have throughout each episode. We are not letting her watch it anymore as it affects her too much.
Parent of a 4 and 10-year-old Written byKim A. December 10, 2018

Sweet, innocent show perfect for preschoolers.

My 4 year old is OBSESSED with this show right now. (Only tv show she wants to watch besides Shimmer and Shine Nella the princess knight and butterbean’s cafe) Ponies are good role models, yes they do bad things sometimes but they always take responsibility for their actions and learn not to do them. Twilight Sparkle and Pinky Pie are favorites in our house right now. Recommended for preschoolers and up.

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Positive role models
Adult Written byamandakhirsch August 11, 2016

The ponies model nasty ways of talking

I trusted the glowing Common Sense Media review of this show and let my daughter watch it, and at first I liked it for the reasons the review said - all about friendship etc. But as we watched more episodes I got uncomfortable with how nastily the ponies often speak to each other and how much they fight. Yes, they make up, and learn about friendship, but I don't think it's necessary or appropriate for them to fight or speak unkindly to each other as much as they do. That's not something I want modeled for my daughter.
Parent Written byAlbeith May 16, 2014

A violent show for little girls, but with good messages

I was with my two little girls watching the show. It was completely different from the oldest MLP series. Actually they just had show a violent fight in a recent episode, were a demon-like creature was fighting an alicorn called Twilight Sparkle in a "Dragon Ball Z style". I don´t think this is something my girls could see, but at least after the fight, they show Twilight and her friends cooperate to imprison the creature, using the power of friendship.

I think this series is great, but for the violence, i think this show is for 10 years old.

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Violence & scariness
Parent Written bydebdemers September 4, 2011

OK message but delivery may give pause

My 5 y/o loves this show (only show she wants to watch!) but I am ready to "accidentally" phase it out. It is not so much the message as the attitude and whininess of the ponies. We have enough battles with a 5 y/o girls about whininess and thinking other others etc. I know all ends well, but it seems that they all seem a little spoiled and self-serving along the way.
Adult Written byZamoonda June 18, 2011

Never have seen finer.

To tell you the truth, I'm quite active on the internet. I'm browsing many boards, and when I have heard of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic from the infamous 4chan, I wasn't quite sure if it was just trolling or downright strangeness. Of course, I remember the old My Little Pony from years back; really ... not the best, frankly. I would say even kids themselves didn't like it, much less us! I said. "Well then, I'll have to give it a go. Perhaps my daughter would like it?" I have went over to youtube, in 7 in the morning, searched, and strangely found a lot of videos in quite high quality; and by premium users. It appears that Hasbro didn't take down any videos, which I am glad for!

So I began watching. Studying. It looked ... okay, to say the least. That's the first thing that came to my mind. I wasn't immediately thrown out of my seat, searching for bleach for my eyes. In fact, it was quite the opposite! I found myself leaning on my desk, watching. And watching.

And watching, and watching. "Shortly," my wife comes around the corner and asked. "What are you watching?" I began to tell her that I'm checking out a possible show for our daughter, and to tell her it's brilliant. Suddenly, I look at the clock; 11 AM! What have I been doing? I'm on episode 9!

I was dumbstruck for a bit, but then managed to tell her. But from these nine episodes I've watched then, I had to say; the show is brilliant! The animation is amazing, an outstanding piece of work. The characters ... so thought out, so developed! I found myself amazed at this show. I don't know what it is .. Is it the great humor, not overdone, but not too little? It's ... a thousand subtle things! I just don't know what it is. But when I saw it, I told myself that this is definitely not only a little girl's show, perhaps even a family show all in all! A matter of days later, I've got both my daughter and son to watch it. And me with them.

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this show, other than episode .. was it 14? It was called "Feeling Pinkie Keen." (Spoilers ahead) It's about Pinkie Pie, the pink-haired and skinned pony, whom has this sort of ... sense, if you will, that she can predict the future. For example, when her tail twitches, something is gonna fall. When ... something about the eye, plus tail, plus knee, I believe, you need to watch out for slamming doors. And the purple pony, Twilight Sparkle, tries to figure out scientific proof for this. However, she doesn't, and in the end she just understands that "there are things you just can't explain, that you can only believe in." While I am jewish, I don't actually believe in religion. You could say I'm atheist, but I'm still celebrating jewish holidays, and the such. However, I dislike the mortal of the story, which I believe has a subtle hint for religion in it. It might just me being paranoid, but then again, I do work in chemistry, not sure how to call it in English, so that's most probably just me and my "there is an explanation to anything and everything."

All in all? Whether you have kids or not, no matter your age, you would want to watch this. I'm telling you, this show is amazing. If you genuinely wish to watch it, and you don't come as an anti, you will love it. By the time I watched the tenth episode -- after I finished 9, I stopped, I don't really have the time to watch it alone, and would prefer to watch it with my kids -- I was completely hooked.

Be warned, however. Do not, in the most absolute manner, do not allow your children to search the internet for My Little Pony. Even if you are supervising them. Google Images only stops in-real-life pronography. There are plenty of pornography (blowjobs, naked humanized ponies) on the internet, even in places such as google.

If you wish for your child to browse the web for it, ask what he or she wishes to browse, and browse it for them while they aren't looking. Or, make sure that they don't check google images, and they don't enter any site that you do not see as legitimate.

These images come from the adult fans of this show, called the Bronies. The Bronies come from the imaeboard known as There are two boards in specific that I will talk about -- the /B/, also known as the Random board, as well as /Co/, known as the Comics & Cartoons board. The term Brony comes from /B/rony and /Co/lts. A /b/rony is a person who is a fan of the show but is primarily on /b/ board, whereas a /co/lt is a fan of the show but is primarily on the /co/ board.

The community that has settled in the website,, is amazing. Just outstanding. Their philosophy is of love and tolerance; images such as "I'm gonna tolerate and love the sh** out of you." Their philosophy is this; trolls (or parasprites as they call them, a person who asks stupid questions to annoy people, or tries to annoy people directly. Their general goal is to "feed on your tears." They just love seeing people rage and fight. Think of them as The Joker from The Dark Knight.") that attack them, they will simply reply in kindness. Basically trolling the trolls with kindness, which is simply outright hilarious.

There is also no pornography allowed there, so in some of my free time I browse there from time-to-time. Very intellectual discussions are going on there, and just sometimes outright funny threads. All in all, the community, the show, and everything that has ever related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I must give it a 5/5.

Watch it today.

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Adult Written byXanadu84 May 10, 2011

Great for kids...and adults?!

This is easily the best children's show in a long time. More importantly, it is one of those extraordinarily rare shows with genuinely positive FEMALE role models who are concerned with more then clothes and boys. Sure, it addresses the most basic of morality lessons about friendship, kindness, respect and the like, but it manages to do so without talking down to the child. It has high quality animation, voicing, and writing. Believe it or not, this show is rapidly developing a huge following of adult males because it is of such incredible quality. And personally, I notice that fans of this show tend to treat each other with a little more respect then the average anonymous internet user. If the show can have a positive influence on grown adults, imagine what it must do for your young daughter.

Of course, that means one major concern to consider: The show has developed such a huge following amongst adults, many so called, "Bronies" have forgotten that the show is made for kids! Search Google or Youtube for the show, and you will get material that is hardly the most inappropriate material on the web, but material that is not kid friendly. Clips of MLP set to the trailers of "300" and "Inglorious Bastards", or pictures of an irritated Twilight Sparkle with the blurb, "I'm going to tolerate and love the S**t out of you" are pretty funny and mild for an adult, but not so good for children. So be careful if your child wants to see stuff related to the show outside of the show itself.

Yes, I got caught up in the craze, and watched and loved this show. It inspires that little spark of child-like wonder that every adult carries with them. Yes, its hard to get over that hump of being an adult watching candy-colored ponies, but there is a truly noble experiment in here, from the mind of creator Lauren Faust of "Powerpuff Girls" and "Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends" fame. I recommend you let your kid watch it, and watch it with them! you may actually enjoy it just as much as your child.

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Adult Written byBestsmileswin May 28, 2020

Best times ever

This is the best cartoon. We definitely have a great time watching. I don't need to worry about the content and the life lessons are great. Yes there is episodes of bullies but at the end there is apologies, love and laughter. That's life. We learn life lessons from this shows and sometimes we have the most interesting discussions on what we learn. At the end of it all life magic of friendship and love always wins. I have 2 daughters 16 and 9. We been watching this forever and it never fails to give us the best girls nights.

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Positive role models
Adult Written byrizzoweaver May 15, 2020

May well be the greatest children's animated series of all time

My Little Pony is like an encyclical instruction manual for socialization and tackles just about every possible situation, challenge, conflict, and opportunity a human being can face, providing clearly modeled ways to achieve solutions, resolutions and paths to harmony, and does this through endlessly inventive and entertaining storytelling that is both unified and varied. It has all the elements of the epics of the world's great civilizations and teaches essential ethical and experiential lessons without becoming heavy handed or culturally tethered. The series is graced by excellent writing, fantastic music—including songs at times worthy of Broadway—and a developing storyline that draws a long arc and easily sustains interest. Some episodes conjure the power to instill lessons so vital and so true to heart that adults and children will both be left with tears of joy. Further, and in sharp contrast to much children's programming, this series is replete with reformed and redeemed "villains," and in many cases characters we first meet who are up to no good undergo genuine transformations while remaining real and complex. Most impressively the writing demonstrates a rare understanding of the underlying causes and emotional underpinnings of antisocial behaviors, including bullying, and even the series's arch-bully undergoes a significant change of heart once the social and emotional context of her bullying is revealed and processed in one of the show's most powerful and cathartic episodes. Characters achieve a great deal of three-dimensionality through gradual development. All three of my young boys enjoy this show—one (aged 6) is quite obsessed with it. Although branded (somewhat) as a young girls' animated series, this belies the deep universality if its messaging. Boys, girls, humans must not miss out on what this series teaches. It may be the only animated series teaching this much foundational social intelligence and this much kindness with such poise and care. My Little Pony is a pinnacle cultural achievement and a feather in the cap of humanity on the level of The Iliad and Odyssey, the Bhagavad Gita, Pope's Essay on Man, and Shakespeare's Sonnets. For real. And it is extremely fun, funny, joyful and playful too. A treasure that teaches us to treasure ourselves, and even demonstrates how!

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Parent Written bykellynwest May 6, 2020

My kids love it but I don’t...

The ponies are cute, the stories are fun and my kids love this show. BUT, I agree with the other reviewers that the characters fight and are so nasty to each other that I only let my kids watch 2 or 3 of the many episodes. It’s a shame, it could be a great show, but it encourages bad habits that I’m trying to keep my kids from picking up.

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Adult Written byDrHoritor February 6, 2020

A sweet and colorful poison

I feel that the time has come where I must write about the dangers of My Little Pony and the numerous damages it is causing to children.

It has already betrayed several generations.

But I'm a counselor and I take the media very seriously for how it affects children and the messages it gives to them and the behavioral patterns it imprints.

most parents will immediately assume that Mlp is an innocent and harmless show for children and they are even more unaware how it frequently does not teach proper or decent behavior at all.

My immediate issue with the franchise is how all the girl ponies are like children without parents in their world,  which also therefore shows an accurate example of what would happen if children in this world did not have parents.

The girl ponies are often rowdy and out of control in their behavior.

They frequently bicker and pout and are sometimes downright spoiled brats.

they are psychologically not developing properly the same as children would do without their parents in real life.

they don't have any parents and no older individuals to intervene when things get too out of control.

And someone often ends up with their feelings hurt and the tears are plenty.

the show would be much more acceptable and meaningful if they had older and stronger role models in place to guide the characters.

any of the older and supposedly wiser individuals like the princesses or queens who are in most episodes are instead only about as psychologically developed as older teenagers.

and because of the lack of male characters in the franchise it tends to draw towards lesbianism.

One recent episode in the final season even features a lesbian couple,  but it was already headed in that direction for some time.

I've seen children who watch this franchise become very dysfunctional in many ways.

Normally nice and well mannered child clients of mine often begin to fuss and pout and argue more with their familes and siblings like the characters in the show.

Girls also prefer to spend more of their free time with only their female friends and colleagues.

The show also can make boys and even men become gay in some instances.

Boys who watch it can easily decide that they wish they were a girl instead.

Shows like this can also very easily be attractive to pedophiles who may stalk their victims on the MLP online community.

And additionally an animator for the franchise was even arrested for possession of child pornography.

So long story short,  this show can seriously endanger children in more ways than I can explain.

The show inside and out is very much something to watch at your own risk.

Male viewers and fans are even known as bronies in the mlp community.

and very sadly I heard of a boy who became the victim of bullying at his school and attempted suicide because others made fun of him and called him gay.

And also very importantly I must add that this show has a very high risk of triggering epileptic seizures.

There are many instances of bright intense flashing colors and repetitive patterns.

Some children cannot watch it for that reason alone.

the good morality lessons in the show are often not lasting and they don't make up for all the sometimes extremely childish and bratty behavior that led up to it.

children become so misled and also begin to not know the difference between real life and a cartoon.

the biggest danger is real life physics vs cartoon physics.

E.g. characters never die when getting hit hard on the head and such.

but also it's possible to become extremely emotionally attached to the  world of MLP's Equestria and the magic charms and such.

I believe magic is really not something that children should be brainwashed by in the media.

I can vouch for other countries who ban such shows that depict any unnatural things or anything that contradicts religion.

MLP is banned in many other countries.

In many ways MLP is basically a femenized version of Spongebob.

And I should not forget to mention there are many hidden meanings and undertones strewn here and there throughout the MLP episodes.

The behavior and character psychology is very much alike and there is no educational value and characters do not learn from their past mistakes many times.

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Violence & scariness
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