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age 11+

It's fine..

This movie is suitable for kids that have been explained about sex / the birds and the bees above the age 11 because of some punching and tiny amount of blood (from nose). Although there is too much of the sex. There is no nudity or anything. They kinda just kiss and then the movie cuts away. The story is well.. was OK atleast the first 4 episodes then it just got boring (I watched it till S01E11), With the violence ehmm its not just heated arguments its actually fighting (no guns) but punching (in one scene I think E11 two guys punch each other resulting in blood coming from their noses) also in one episode a man tries to rape one of the protagonists but she gets saved by another man... I dont really remember the swearing but I'm sure todays kids could handle it. Oh and also they drink wine and one of the protagonists' mom is a drug addict (and for a small amount of time they show an orange small container with drugs) There is a lot of singing in the movie LIKE A LOT which gives it a lot of positivity. That's all if you think your kid can handle this let him watch it. (Until S01E11) NOTE: I WILL DO ANOTHER REVIEW AFTER I WATCH IT TILL THE END OF SEASON 2...

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Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking