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WHAT WAS I THINKING???????????????????

I completely forgot about this awful show until I stumbled across a bunch of drawings I made of it long ago. I saw the name "Nature Cat" written on it, but could not recall the show. I thought maybe they were characters I made up, but I looked it up on the internet to be sure. Nope, definitely a real show I used to watch. I re-watched some of it and began to remember it, but I highly regret liking this show when I was a kid. The show is beyond ridiculous. It DOES teach good things like nature, but the characters and humor are to cringeworthy. Hal is dumb, he constantly breaks the fourth wall and its not even funny. Nature Cat himself is scared of everything, and Daisy is addicted to her phone. (though its gets better in the later episodes) Squeeks is the only good character. The songs are annoying and the animation is terrible. I can't believe I used to like this pile of garbage. I highly regret watching this show and threw the drawings of it strait into the trash can. Don't show this trash to your child. Show them Wild Kratts instead.
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I miss the old NC TV show

Ehh.. the new episodes aren’t as good I mean.. if there even are “new episodes” I used to watch NC when I was younger, and it was a totally different show than it is now I don’t really like it anymore.. And that’s not because of my age, I still collect NC stuff. The show is just not as good anymore
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Not good at all, just plain trash

This show was a pile of rubbish. The characters are beyond annoying. The stories are lacking. And the designs are just, blech.
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I thought this was gonna be a fun nature show for kids, but it ended up being really boring. Don't watch, it's a waste of time.
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my review on Nature Cat

It teaches kids about nature, a place where we once roamed, and now we are stuck here on our homes, it teaches confidence, and other morals.

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age 9+

A GOOD show, but there are a few problems

This show is about 4 animals(Nature Cat, Daisy, Hal, and Squeeks) who love have nature adventures. It does have good messages, and I disagree with the people who say it's bad. However, there are some problems. First of all, Nature Cat kisses Hal way too much. Not just that, there is too much kissing in general. A character smooches another character 3 TIMES in the first TWO episodes, so this show is DEFINITELY going overboard with it. Secondly, if the show is for kids that are 4+, it should be taken off PBS. So, in general, if it does one of two things: 1. Increase the age range to 9+ or 2. GET RID OF THE KISSING, then I MIGHT give it 5 stars. I can't guarantee that, though, But(unlike Pinkalicious[read my other review]), the show is fantastic. As long as you're okay with what I said, this show is for you.

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age 4+

Slapstick cartoon comedy combined with educational themes

It's hilarious but Nature Cat is kind of pompous and they are occasionally slightly rude to each other etc. There is also a considerable amount of slapstick that might frighten VERY young children. Other than that it's fine and a great educational show for anyone.