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Adult Written bycommonsensegal September 25, 2013

Lindsey Shaw is hot ;)

I like how it is about giving advice =]
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Adult Written byPsychitsmike April 9, 2008

Started as a time killer, ended up being...

As my headline started off, I was bored and began to watch a couple episodes and it turned out to be quite entertaining. I'm an older viewer but this show still caught my attention. Good laugh and a great example of everyday life in middle school and even high school. Too bad this show wasnt around during my years in MS and HS but its a good things its around now. Props to Nick for finally making a show worthy of watching. I can continually watch this show and be entertained unlike others. The humor isnt at the point of stupidity like Drake&Josh and Spongebob. 5 Stars for an educational and good natured show. Great for kids and teens.
Adult Written bymrbob April 9, 2008

An interesting show...

Sexual Content: Dating Issues appear as well as kissing, but nothing worse than that. Violence: Characters get whacked with stuff like dodgeballs, fists, random supplies, but it's not a real problem. Language: None Social Behavior: The main characters promote helping other people. Commercialism: There are a lot of spoof objects (Cheese Puffs, Simulated Target Commercial for the school store), and Game Boys are shown once.
Adult Written byAl Jackson April 18, 2012

Perfect for all ages!

I'm pretty much in with the popularity of this show.It is really funny and entertaining!
Adult Written bytallulah73 April 9, 2008

Finally ... a WATCHABLE live action show on Nick.

Overall, I like Ned. Sure, the characters are all stereotypes, the plots are a little contrived, but I can let my kids watch for half an hour without worring about exposure to more teen-related issues, like that GOD-AWFUL Drake and Josh. A few years ago, Nick had a good run with pre-teen shows that parents could watch without wishing for the quick, painless death of an aneurysm. What happened??
Adult Written bymoviemadness April 9, 2008

Great Kid Show

This is an all-around cute, funny, laugh-out-loud kids show. The characters and plots are predictable, but still fun.
Adult Written bymicheal April 9, 2008
Adult Written bysupermother April 9, 2008
Adult Written byrlyacht April 9, 2008

Great show

Very clever and amusing.
Adult Written bygarfield2711 April 9, 2008
Parent of a 9 year old Written bymichelhays April 20, 2011

Great for kids who are struggling socially

Looking for a show to help your kid brush up on social skills? Social situations are presented in zany ways, but followed by realistic advice.
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Adult Written byMovie Man November 20, 2009

Hilarious, Purely Delightful Show Has Great Tips for School!

This is a highly educational, great feeling show with memorable characters and lines. The episodes are based on how kids should go through school life. Awesome. PARENTS: there are some comic mishaps and multiple (although incredibly comic) hits and tackles, mostly accompanied by animated stars or funny sound effects. This is a spectacular show that everyone should watch, especially kids!
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Parent of a 8 and 11 year old Written byshanghaiang November 27, 2010

A fun show for when kids need some down time

On the silly side, but fun and I have no problem with my 8-year-old watching it.
Adult Written byabbyj April 9, 2008
Adult Written byclarence August 5, 2015
Adult Written byTimTheTVGuy October 19, 2012

Perfect for ANYONE!

I LOVE NED! Funny jokes,great music,nice acting,nice art,cool theme song,ect.I recommend this show!
Adult Written byjackg April 9, 2008

Great show!

My entire family loves this show. It shows the kids coming up with creative solutions to big problems.
Adult Written byThe JP Show June 17, 2009

Great Show

This show should be TV-Y due to it's edcational content.
Educator and Parent Written bychristian-witness June 28, 2012


Ned offers advice to viewers to help them with their own middle school experiences. There's some emphasis on materialism and a bit of gross-out humor, but overall the take-away is positive. Ned is a middle school "everyman" who would rather unite than divide. His friends are a diverse bunch of kids who generally treat each other with respect, but there are some bullies.
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