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New York Goes to Work

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I love this show it could help people learn to be grateful for their stuff
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This show is a complete joke. I cant believe I wasted 5 mins. of my life watching this show. First off, Ms. New York is a foul-mouthed, ungreatful, and extremely disrespecful person. I cannot believe anyone would actually send the text to pick her next job. It cost $1 plus your standard text messaging rates. I would much rather donate $1 to a charity or someone who is starving in a 3rd world country. This lady doesn't need to be famous anymore than the woman who had octuplets not to long ago. Actually both of those two are alike in many ways...... The main one being they are the UGLIEST human beings on the inside. For the hope of God please do not make a 2nd season it would be a good waste of expensive film and money paid to the filming crew! I could think of a million different things people could do with 30 mins. of their lives that is worth more than watching this terrible show! I only hope is that New York has one more show....called "New York Goes AWAY!"