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Perspective of a dad, paramedic, nurse, and teacher

I've worked in public safety & the medical field for going on a decade now. There can be some intense language, there can be graphic trauma, but it's a rather realistic look at public safety. Parental guidance strongly suggested imho for any children under 13, but the medics are generally positive & encourage the right things even when they are a little rough around the edges.

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age 14+

Realistic, if rough around the edges

While others here complain about the language used, as someone with nearly 3 decades in public safety I can tell you that this show effectively captures what happens behind the scenes. Wish all you want, but real life isn't Johnny and Roy. Medics and cops are people under the uniform, with all the related flaws and imperfections. Nobody has ever sent me an engraved invitation a week before their shooting or dressed up in formal attire before having a heart attack. That said, as the advisory states, the language and presentations can be difficult, as they're minimally edited and reflect reality. Just like the jobs shown. As such, the age of the viewer should be based on their experience and understanding of reality as determined by a parent rather than an arbitrary number.
age 16+

Bad city ,bad english. Do this show anywhere else except where everyone sounds and speaks the same awful slang filled unprofessional language.