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Violence, strong language dominate books-inspired series.
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Adult Written byJFGgirl July 16, 2020

Disjointed, Nonsensical - Watch Grimm Instead

This confused show can’t decide if it’s about teenage angst or monsters or conspiracies. The overarching organization the parents work for is never really explained, the monsters are never described, and there are too many conflicting plots and storylines to keep track of. The swearing is gratuitous - with frequent “Jesus” and “Jesus Christ” from all characters - and there’s no moral foundation ever shown. The teen characters are grating and don’t talk like teenagers. Most of the adults have unclear motives, not because its building suspense or intrigue, but because they’re poorly crafted. The actor who plays the father looks zoned out and delivers most of his lines as though he can’t wait to get off the stage. There is nothing funny or very entertaining here. “Grimm” did a MUCH better job with this type of secret human-looking creatures - watch it instead.

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Adult Written byFallenMuse March 24, 2020

Full breakdown of the show for parents...

Bit of a slow start, but it's a great show. Lots of twists and turns.

*WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD...though I'm trying not to be too specific just so the parent/child watching will know what to expect as the episodes play out*

Creatures (both humanoid and other) are murdered, tortured, and/or disemboweled - Innocent men, women, and children are gunned down without mercy.
A story is told in flashbacks about a mother being tortured and forced to watch her young daughter be killed, then she herself is murdered.

Teenage son gets interrupted during the start of oral sex, though nothing is actually shown.
Teenage daughter is assaulted by a male student, but is stopped before anything actually happens.
After the mother is attacked, she is found cleaning her wounds in the bathroom in a tight tank top and underwear.
A woman takes a bath in blood as her victim hangs above her. No actual nudity is shown.

Drinking, smoking, and drugs take place during a teenage party.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byBlackParent May 14, 2020

Just a really bad show

This is just a really bad show. The concept is okay, but it is poorly executed. They seem to add swearing, casual gay sex, etc to try to be edgy but it just comes of as desperate.

Tamara Taylor's acting in the show is the best thing about the show, but it isn't enough to save it.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byKorbinE February 7, 2020

Better see season 2

I personally thought this was a great action drama series and can’t wait for season 2....I beg everyone to give positive feedback so they being season 2.