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Adult Written bydreamingmontana April 9, 2008

Keep what should be... where it belongs.

I feel that this program initiates & responds to common ADULT issues. I enjoyed the program myself, but will have to see where some situations go before deciding if I will introduce my 16 year old daughter to it. Probably not. The characters in this program are adults that will be dealing in adult issues. My daughter is still a teen. She will be an adult soon enough. What my children watch is based on their own ages. If it is older than they are... it is older than they are. If I have to explain the "meaning" of the show... it is beyond them & they don't watch it. I am the teacher in my home, not the tv. I wish there were a rating between tv14 & MA.
Adult Written bykyouryuu5000 July 18, 2009

Intended for older audiences

As with other television shows, there are at least some commendable values depicted within the shows, but not all the content in a television program such as October Road is commendable, especially in Season 2 with episode 5 entitled Once Around the Block where a scene depicts Nick Garrett or Nicholson "Nick" Garrett (portrayed by Bryan Greenberg) engaging in sexual intercourse in bed with Aubrey Diaz (portrayed by Odette Yustman). All television programs, movies, video games, novels, audiobooks, and other media repeat a similar style following some kind of folklore such as Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith being akin to the story of Oedipus Rex. Another repeated trend in media such as movies and television shows such as Toy Story 2is the psychological concept of egocentrism by which a character maintains confidence by "believing in themselves."
What other families should know
Too much sex
Great messages
Adult Written bylinex_4 April 9, 2008

A must for those who love the 80s

The soundtrack is awesome! Lots of 80s hits. Hubby & I found ourselves singing along with the music. This show has a strong cast that can hold it's own. I feel this show has the potential to last several seasons. Storyline is pretty good. Definitely will set the dvr to record this show on a regular basis. However, it will not be one we'll watch with the kids.