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Lively mixed-media series solves mysteries with math skills.
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Parent Written byCassidyA August 19, 2015


While these kids may teach valuable math and science lessons, there is much to be desired as far as attitudes and personality goes. I won't let my son wat h this show because I don't want their bratty attitudes wearing off on him. They are not kind at all! There are moments of normal conversation, but mostly is back and forth bickering, and I think it sets a terrible example of how kids should speak with each other and to adults.
Parent of a 4 year old Written byAmber Kendall January 14, 2015

Exciting (for kids) and educational

Just discovered this PBS show today, and my son can't get enough. It's the perfect mix of action and science-fiction for him, throwing in some educational bits at the same time. The acting is ok, for the cast being all kids, but the writing is entertaining even for me.

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Parent of a 1 and 5 year old Written byjll2800 October 22, 2015

Fun, funny, and clever show

My 5.5 year old loves Odd Squad, and so do I! From my own perspective, I think it's one of the cleverest kids shows out there, and I genuinely enjoy watching it with my son. But my son enjoys it just as much. Even better, he does actually learn things from the show. The math they use is practical and so well explained. I've actually heard him take lessons he learned in the show and use them appropriately in real life, which I have NEVER seen him do with a TV show before. I love that the kids have to use their brains to solve the problems, and I love the sense of teamwork they have, especially the two main agents Olive and Otto. I really think this is one of the best shows for the K/early elementary age set, and it's certainly the only kids show I can say I look forward to watching.

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Parent Written byKensyl B. February 10, 2017

Unacceptable attitudes being shown as acceptable!

I love shows that help me in teaching my daughter especially since we are a home schooling family, but trading off acceptable attitudes to get a math lesson isn't acceptable. I noticed after my daughter watching just one episode that she suddenly thought it was ok to be sarcastic with me concerning anything. While I know that she loves the show, she is only 5 and doesn't understand how to chew up the meat and spit out the bones with this one. Unfortunately the shows producers and writers seem to think that snotty, bratty, sarcastic children are acceptable, it they had used this opportunity to add appropriate manners and attitudes in while they were teaching the math then this would be magnificent!
Parent Written byRajini P. August 9, 2016

Needs more emphasis on the math and less on the attitudes

When I was growing up, 'Square One' used to be my favorite math show, because they knew how to get the message across(i still remember the story of the Fibonacci Sequence). While I understand Odd Squad's makers feel the need to portray the kids as super-smart and mature, there needs to be more emphasis on the actual math concepts. My 6 year old loves the show, but each time I ask her what the point of the story was, it doesn't seem to have been absorbed effectively. She seems more focused on the characters and their quips and attitudes. There is a fine line between a child who is precocious yet poised and mature, and one who is downright annoying. Unfortunately, Odd Squad's child actors fall into the latter category.
Adult Written byLowe's man May 29, 2016

Too many stereotypes for young children (the show's target audience) to watch.

This series sets out to teach math to 5-8 year olds. That it does and does well. However, the kids are brats (as another reviewer said), and the kid actors are bad actors. Also, their characters are made out to be caricatures rather than real people. In the Christmas episode even Santa Claus is made out to be a meanie. Moreover, even though this series only teaches math- in other words, even though there's no mention of science- this show nevertheless reinforces stereotypes of people who go into math and science. If it would've been played for laughs it may have been one thing. But it's played straight. If this show would've been aimed at older children this stereotyping may have also been acceptable, regardless of whether it would've been played for laughs or played straight. But, given the age group this series is aimed at, this stereotyping is inappropriate, especially since it's played straight. It's hard to believe that his show is produced by The Fred Rogers Company. Mister Rogers himself must surely be turning around in his grave.
Parent of a 3, 6, 8, and 8 year old Written byFowlerFan March 27, 2015

Great show

My kids, mainly the 8-year olds love this show, and I'm not sure if they could tell you why. It's not for the math, or the learning. It's a little zany, which they really get into. It's almost a 'sleeper show' ... not a lot of talk or hype, but really good.
Adult Written bySeamstressMomma May 17, 2016

A rare treat

My daughter is two and has no interest in this show. I can't wait until she's old enough to take an interest because my husband and I (both in our late 30s) LOVE it and wish she would watch it. We turn it on the morning for our amusement and keep hoping she will take an interest. Her lack of interest doesn't stop us from enjoying it :)

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Adult Written bysnipessmith August 6, 2015

Love this show

Great show. My 2,4&7 year old all watched it all day almost since it was raining so bad today.

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Parent Written byliam c. September 24, 2017

Not for all parents

Ever sign up for a website just because there were reviews with which you knew the reviewerdidn't understand what was being parodied. THIS HAPPENED THIS TIME. This show is Mathnet from Square One (also a police procedural parody) if kid actors played police roles acting as if they were adults, and was written and directed by the Zucker brothers of Poluce Squad and Airplane. This means it is zany parody with sharp writing and a variety of gags. Those parents who say the kids act like brats seem to not understand that the kids are acting like adults. The viewer and my 4 year old can tell because they are wearing suits and lab coats. Sure, one kid yells, but here's why: it's a parody of the grumpy police chief from every buddy cop film ever. If someone's child starts acting like that, give that kid some warm milk and a weekend off. Also, I saw an episode woth 3 Kids in yhe Hall on it, so thus show is fantastic. Also, my child, in a non-bratty way, is demonstrating applied math knowledge.

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Adult Written bybearclaw June 20, 2016

Out with the old, in with the new?

I wish this program would have been around when my kids were growing up! This is a great program for math and would recommend it to all parents. My problem is why the change? They say that Odd Squad is run by kids, not teenagers, then why is Oscar, the lunch lady and Doctor still there?
Adult Written byKaangkies March 21, 2018

Miss O ruins any redeeming qualities

Likes and loves: Beautifully integrates problem solving (especially using mathematics, logic, etc.) into cases to be solved. Well done. Where it falls short: Miss O single-handedly destroys what could have been a near perfect series for kids. No, she's not funny. Let's observe her behaviors (my judgements): * Yells * Growls * Petulant (very rude) * Demanding * Impatient * Did I mention yelling? * Demeaning She's the antithesis of a role model and while older kids know to pass her off as a horrible boss, younger viewers can—and in my case have—idealized her and worse mimic her "managerial style" by yelling, growling, etc. I'll make these same comments to PBS, but my goodness not a single counselor had a groat's worth of feedback about the Miss O character? The world is already stock full of national leaders that are horrible role models and PBS could've **easily** featured a calm, effective, leader that rally's agents to the cause but instead they grenaded the series with this selfish, unlettered, ill-mannered donkey.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byBeats by Daurc ... March 11, 2018

Best since Sesame Street

My two year old is fully engaged whenever odd squad is on. He's been into this show since he was one. He and I both enjoy the shows as well as the movie. I agree the writing is fantastic and the kids do a wonderful job. The education involved is my favorite part.

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Parent Written byBeverly R. January 10, 2018
Uncle of a 7 year old Written byTJ S. April 24, 2018

Odd squad encourages rude behavior

The actors (kids) are scripted to demonstrate impatience, entitlement and frequent rude behavior. I noticed my nephew demonstrating similar rude behaviors to people and was wondering why. The show has a overall corporate feel: kids all wear suits, highly competitive and focused on winning more cases. The show has some good points about not giving up and focusing but the negatives out weigh the positives for me on this one. Especially after seeing my nephew acting out similar behavior. My advice to the writers would be to focus on more team building behavior and just get rid of the kids sour mood behaviors, to themselves and each other.
Adult Written byPaula W teacher July 12, 2018

Fantastic show for the whole family

This show is great. I laugh and learn with each episode. The young actors brilliantly portray their characters with heart and humor. The writers consistently provide clever storylines that a five year old and 60+ year old can learn from. I recommend this show to everyone.

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Adult Written byNatalie H. June 13, 2018

Terrible Not for any age.

I run a daycare and thought to let the kids watch this show. The bossy girl Ms O is terrible. She is angry all the time. I won't let the kids watch it. The kids are not allowed to talk like that and then they see kids on tv acting like rude adults. there are better ways to teach math. How about 1 show - Ms O = 5 stars?