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OddBalls is great but....... My review is more honest then CSM's

Sexuality 2/5 - Every time James back side is shown you can see his butt, it's not once or twice but every single time. In the first episode Max and James make a toaster become alive and Max says "So thats how babies are made!" Scariness 4/5 - Multiple scenes you can see Max (the alligator) in very close detail making him look real. Mr. McFly is a bit of a violent character overall he has talked about blood and fire once or twice. In another episode; To get out of P.E. James does multiple blood donations until he looks like a shrivled raisin. But in the end he is better, but multiple needles are shown, not going into the body but they are shown. In another episode James gets "possesed" by the school bully, Echo said they need to do an exorcisim so Max gets dressed in a gym uniform and says "READY TO EXORCISE" to make it more funny. But James got strapped to a bed and candles were light to do the exorcism, they read out of a childrens book to do the excorcism but it worked and that was it. Violence 3/5 - There is a bit of bullying and Echo makes a whole "Illegal" pillow fight club where you pay to fight. Mr. McFly is a bit of a reckless driver. Drinking, Drugs and Smoking 0/5 - Positive Role Models 5/5 - James, Max and Echo are great friends and overcome freind issues but they teach how to work together and stand up to bullies. Language 1/5 - They say "Heck yeah!" "Gosh Darn" and "Fudge!" as exclemations. Product placement 0/5 - Max and James make Fun-Der-Bread which is shown threwout the show. Overall it's great but James's YouTube content always was made for an older audince and this show shows that well

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age 8+

Good show for the older kids

I honestly thought this show was pretty neat, but some content may have not been appropriate for some children. If your child can handle this, than I would say it's a good comedy.
age 9+

Great entertainment. Should be a PG, not a U.

I love this new show on Netflix! The animation style feels free and yet also incorporates shots with more detail (such as dramatic expressions on the characters' faces for comedic effect). I was a little surprised to see it had a 'U' age rating, as I thought it should be a 'PG' since as there are references to injury (e.g. when Max has a wound in his stomach from a toast slice hitting him and he is bleeding a lot of green blood), murder (e.g. when James and Max are killing flies and then it turns into burying their bodies and hiding the murders), mild sexual references (e.g. James being told to "fill his [the bully's] heart hole" and he repeatedly says "ew" and you know it's a sex pun), and dangerous behaviour (e.g. putting the toaster in the bath, pushing an old lady down the stairs, etc). So whilst a lot of the subtle references might go over a child's head, it still strikes me as the kind of thing that should be a PG. I am pleased with the diversity shown in the cartoon; it helps that some characters are human, some are animals, and others are monsters or creatures, but there is actually diversity within the human characters such as different skin colours and also I noticed a girl wearing a head scarf. All in all I wouldn't let young children watch this, at least not without watching a couple of episodes first to make your own decision as a parent whether you feel it is appropriate. My rating would be 9+ overall.