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Adult Written bymoviemadness July 16, 2011

Objectional Stereotypes -WATCH OUT

While there is nothing truly objectionable content wise (just some disney slapstick, mild insults, and general goofiness) there is some really concerning stuff here. First of all, the stereotypical and mocking way with which native customs are caricatured is not ok. Secondly, this is yet another example of the "token" black character played for laughs. The main character, "Brady" is the one who gets all of the girls, makes the decisions and etc. He even has a normal name. "Boomer" clearly plays second-fiddle and is always being laughed at or getting upstaged. My childhood friend had a dog named "Boomer" - it's not a person name. Finally, the way that the main female character is flirtatious and attractive reinforces, yet again, that women should be subservient and attractive. These upsetting messages are commonplace in Disney channel, and parents looking to expose their kids to fun, appropriate TV shows should look for ones that don't excessively stereotype and display shocking levels of vapidity.
Adult Written byAl Jackson April 25, 2012

This is not corny!

This show is corny?! GIVE ME A BREAK! What is EXCACTLY wrong with it?! It thinks it's funny!
Adult Written byNarwhals October 8, 2011

A huge, huge fail- Pass

If you want to watch a good harmless show this is not it. It seems harmless with the cheesy jokes, slapstick and plot setup to appeal to the lowest common denominator. However the little positive that this show might have--given the chance to lead a kingdom is washed out by typical tween bratty behavior. Typical of the new Disney shows were it is filled with characters that are uninspiring, horribly written, horribly acted and have no redeeming qualities. Disney itself has brainwashed our younger generation to blindly accept anything it pumps out as golden with no discernment or willing to be more critical. I say stick with older Disney and other television channels that show "classic" shows and toons. And watch classic movies like Bringing up Baby for awesome slapstick. Basically, this is a huge pass. And never mind the characters, complete disrespect for culture, the blatant use of caricatures for characters already mentioned below...
Parent Written byjcaton July 29, 2012

Misogyny Rules, Dude!

As a parent I find this show inappropriate for my children, 11 and 8. The dominant theme of the show is male desire and the objectification of girls. The boys react instantly, vocally and exclusively to each girl's appearance, and they spew suggestive pickup lines. The show's (Disney's) nod to the 'strong female' requirement is that the lead female character is violent. If you find little girl beauty contests 'cute,' this is the show for you.
Parent Written bymomuv4 February 1, 2013

Yes to Season 1 & 2 BUT No to Season 3.

I loved season 1 & 2, this is a great kid show and I even had laughs myself. My 9, 11 & 13 year old watch it and all I hear is laughing and more laughing in each episode. I gave the first 10 episodes in season 3 a try, my kids barely laughed once per episode. Season 3 was boring. Everyone is entitled to mistakes...BRING MITCHEL BACK!!!! Until they do we are only watching reruns of season 1 & 2 and sad it's over.
Parent of a 4 and 7 year old Written bySnoozhe June 28, 2011

Won't hurt...won't help

My almost 8 year old daughter thinks this is pretty cool, but it is not very interesting for adults. I'd rather watch Phineas and Ferb. Some of the messages are okay and generally positive as the boys try to "grow up," but mostly it's just silly fun.
Parent Written bynmieke March 20, 2014

pair of kings is awesome!

i am 8 years old and it is the coolest show. it is so funny.the jokes are hilarious. the pranks are so funny. the kings make me laugh so hard that i snort. why do people hate it? it is awesome.
Educator and Parent Written byStephanie1234wuzhere December 11, 2010
As a parent i hate this show! it is to cheesy for my 6 year old daughter. She believes that she'll be a princess when she grows up and is in love with Donald duck and mickey mouse. she listens to cheesy pop music from the 90's ( But im not making fun of there music i love the 90's) And she can tell this show is horrible! She thinks everything is funny but once this comes on tv she doesn't make a word. she doesn't think its funny at all! i can't blame her. two horrible actors become kings on a island? yea sound like a flop show and it is! Oh well guess i have to record 1990's and 1980's classics and have her watch that for the rest of her life.
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Too much sex
Too much swearing
Parent of a 2 and 12 year old Written byChris01 October 28, 2014

This show is really good- for KIDS!

Frankly, I (respectfully) think that the reviewer was too harsh branding it "corny, corny, corny." After all, this IS a show for young kids and tweens, so naturally, of course it will not please many adults. It almost sounded like the reviewer would expect to turn this show on, and expect to be entertained from start to finish like it was meant for adults. Would I be captivated for this show to turn it on, and just go on an endless watching-marathon of all seasons from how interesting it is? uhh...HECK no! It's a KIDS show for crying out loud! However, I do sit down with my 12 year-old child and he loves it. It makes him laugh very often, and I enjoy watching it with him. We laugh together, and we make fun of the main characters at how really dumb they could be. It is true their decisions border on "reckless," but the consequences of their utter silliness never catches up with them, because this is NOT suppose to reflect real life, nor to be educational. I would have prefered if they were some kind of nerds, but still, I don't have to worry about my son seeing breasts jiggling, or about him watching inappropriate scenes. If its educational you are looking for, then no, this show is not it. But how many times do adults go to their shows for "educational" purposes? With that in mind, I give this show 5 stars out of five.
Parent Written byMomwithaMind November 17, 2011

A Waste of Time

This show is loud, obnoxious and just plain stupid. It insults the intelligence of anyone watching it. I was home sick from work for a couple of days and was appalled by what I saw. We let our daughter watch TV shows and we tolerate some that I consider on the margins, like iCarly but this show is now banned in our house.
Adult Written byperfectsense April 15, 2011
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Great messages
Parent of a 13 year old Written bycgsean September 11, 2010
Being an insider to this show, I know where it's heading. Boomer and Brady, the two kings, will have many opportunities to learn about respect and caring for others, while providing a dose of comedy on the crazy island they now rule. This show will grow on you.
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Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written byLady Of The Home September 13, 2010
I think the description of this show is completely WRONG!!! This is not a "Cheesy" sitcom, it just a kids show. It is funny, simple and fun for the family to watch together. Something I don't have to worry about foul language, inappropriate humor or boobs jiggling. It is meant for small children and Tweens. It does not have to have a "very special episode" to teach the kids something about the big bad world. It is just meant to be fun to watch. There is no need to discuss anything. Just watch it and have fun!
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Great role models
Parent of a 2, 8, and 12 year old Written bycremepie998 September 2, 2012


There is nothing WRONG with the show, but it isn't one of my favorites. Brady is ok, but Boomer is kind of an idiot. I am glad it is on Disney XD and not Disney.